M&Ms, Cars & Taxes.

My kids are used to the tax holiday way of life, we’ve always, even when I was married (maybe even more so then) had a good earned income credit which has gone for new clothes, ms 19’s birthday gifts, various & assorted stereo equipment my ex wanted, didn’t need, took when he left & has trashed since.

The kids expect there to be a couple of nice dinners out, new shoes, at least one new toy each & for me to fill the cupboards to bursting with extra non-perishable food.

I certainly picked the wrong year to receive raises that take me over the poverty level! No earned income credit & if I hadn’t paid so much in interest on my first & second mortgages I would have owed money.

So this year what little I did get back has to go to finish paying off the doctor for mr 9’s foot stitches back in December & my county property taxes for my car.  And this year I don’t even get a pretty sticker to show I paid my taxes & have a right to put my trash in the county dumpsters.

We get to pay $25 per car, in addtion to our taxes, as if we were receiving stickers but we’re not getting the stickers themselves, which has led me to wonder as I’m taking trash to the dumpsters, whether the cops are still patroling the dumpsters & if they can ask for your ID & then call the tax office while you wait, to make sure you paid your taxes & are legally able to dump in the dumpsters.

The tax refund came in yesterday & the kids fully expected to go out to dinner, but because I’m late in paying the county taxes, I don’t know what I owe exactly, so we had dinner at home & I got 12, 9 & myself M&Ms for dessert & bought ms 19 something she wanted too.

I’m afraid to tell them the bag of M&M’s may be their entire cut of this years tax refund!


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