In A Funk

I’m not really feeling it just now, ms 19 is not being a lot of fun right now & it’s stressing me out to unimaginable lengths. I’m trying to gear up for the transition to night shift too & as usual, before a big schedule change, it seems like it’s not going to work out & it will be a disaster (it always seems this way the last week before I actually change shifts) I always try to get them to let me keep my old schedule & raise hell with the kids about “once I’m on the new schedule you can’t do this, that or the other thing” Knowing that it goes with the territory doesn’t make it any eaiser to deal with though, maybe even a little more frustrating because this is something like my sixth large transition in schedule.  I don’t consider a change by 1-2 hours a big deal, changing from being at work at 11 in the morning to 7 in the morning, that’s a big difference, and this one is huge (being at work at 8 in the morning as opposed to being at work at 5 in the evening) While I know I chose it, I still get jittery, it’s not like I’m the only one changing 6 or 7 of my co-workers are too (they’re all changing because of poor assessment scores though) I won’t be completely alone with no one I know around me, but at the same time I don’t even know where I’ll be sitting next Sunday night when I start my new shift!


2 thoughts on “In A Funk

  1. Hope things get better for you. I miss the night shifts sometimes, but if that’s a permanent schedule. I don’t envy you at all I could only stand it a few days out of the week.

  2. It’s as permanent as anything is at my job, meaning I could make a fuss & change it in 4-6 months, or if I like it I could keep it for a couple of years (actually, this being a less popular shift, if I like it I could probably keep it forever)

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