Thirteen Reasons I’m Happy About My New Work Schedule

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I work in a call center, yes, it’s a terrible way to make a  living but it pays well & I’ve been there so long (going on 8 years) I don’t actually take calls anymore so it’s not that bad. We had a shift change where everyone had to “bid” on shifts & got the results this week. I am changing from an 8am to 4:30 shift to a 5 pm to 1:30 am shift, which is what I asked for, for many reasons. To most people I work with, the later in the day your shift starts, the less desirable it is so my choice to go to a night shift is being looked at by many of my co-workers as a step down, I don’t see it that way at all & so here’s my list of reasons why.

1.  Ms 19’s schedule at her job: 6 am to 2:30 pm, as it stands currently unless she can catch a ride with a friend or her boyfriend she’s stuck at work until I arrive after working until 4:30 & chasing over to her work (40 minute ride) then another 20 minutes drive home, no one is particularly happy or pleasant on ms 19’s work days. (yes, she could get a car but she’d need her driver’s license first & to make more than $6.55 an hour so she could buy a car) she’s all for this schedule change & has agreed to live at home fcamreadsor at least another 6 months to a year to help me in exchange for my driving her to work & home.

2.  Mr 9 & ms 12 are off the bus at 3, I won’t have to leave for work until 4 or a little later, which means if I’m clear & focused about it we can spend an hour on their homework & meaningful conversation.

3.  I am not a morning person, even when I worked 9 am to 8 at night (one shift I had for the longest time ever – so far- at my job) 7:15 am came entirely too early & the past year + getting up at 6:15 is rough. I do better up late & sleeping in & it’s  hard to go against my natural rhythms.

4.  On Sundays & during the summer I’ll have nearly all day before 4pm to spend with the kids.

5.  My new days off are Friday & Saturday, so I’ll have a whole weekend day to enjoy with the kids.

6.  The late arrival at home 2:15-2:30 will help me to not eat before bed & I am not the sort of person who has to wind down I can get home & be in bed within 20 minutes of arrivam_65507088466196106bd3b78697a6a0e5l if I want to & I will have to make sure I want to.

7.  Less face time is for the best between ms 19 & I right now. ‘Nuff said.

8.  I was thinking about times I’ve been able to lose weight easily (not often) and one thing they all have in common was less rush & structure.  Getting up at the butt crack of the day, as late as I can manage it & still get to work on time,  & drinking a soy protein shake while I’m driving to work is not at all conducive to healthy eating habits.

9.  I want to try eating scrambled eggs with salsa in the mornings again as I used to when I first moved to VA in 1988, something about protein in the mornings seems to work for me & I can’t/won’t get up & cook it before I have to go to work in the mornings.

10.  Dinner finickiness, bathing issues & bedtime arguments will be ms 19’s problem, not mine & I wish her luck! Of course, as mom I do have to be the “judge” so to speak & weigh in on disputes.

11.  If I’m able to not get too sleep obsessed, I should be able to get up by 10:30 am every day which gives me a nice section of day in which to get outside & exercise, enjoy myself, clean house, wash, hang & dry laundry & in the summer at least, hang out with the kids.

12.  Since I DVR everything I watch in order to skip commercials anyway, it won’t make any difference in my TV viewing & may even help to minimize it, I am not sure though, how I’m going to keep up with my hocopy-of-straightvalur & a half a day news habit, (I watch the local & national news plus The Daily Show when it’s on, every day, without fail.) Waiting & watching the 6 o’clock news at 8, 8:30 or 9, when it’s convenient each night is different from getting up in the morning & watching last nights news at 11 am. Maybe the noon local news & a half hour of CNN? Bleah- probably NBC nightly either when I get home at night or in the morning & then the local noon news.

13.  I think, especially in the next 2 months while the kids are still in school, it will “help” me blog more, I’m not on here as much as I used to be though the thoughts & ideas keep on coming which makes my head hurt when I can’t get them all out there, or here.


6 thoughts on “Thirteen Reasons I’m Happy About My New Work Schedule

  1. Good for you with the new schedule and even better for focusing on what you like rather than what you don’t like!! Spending time with the kids is the best and liking your job is fabulous!!

  2. good luck with your new schedule! I love scrambled eggs and salsa…lol that reminds me of Japan LOL, when a waiter mistook my request for “salsa” for “saucer” hehehe!

  3. When I managed help desks, the folks who reported to me would always talk among themselves about who got the “best” and “worst” shifts. My stock answer was that “best” or “worst” was a very personal definition – and a highly variable one at that. Someone’s “best” could easily be another person’s “worst”, so it made no sense to get catty about it all.

    That approach saved me and my team a lot of heartache over the years! Sounds like you’ve made the right decision for all the right reasons. Wonderful to e-see you again!

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