Ho Hum,

Yesterday had a lot of frenetic – pre-spring energy to it, today is much more matter of fact, I was at work yesterday but ms 19 was texting me & sending picture messages about her, her boyfriend & the kids all digging up the garden & getting it ready for this year’s veggie planting.

Then of course when I got home I had to see it, this was after a waddle around walmart for me to get more tuna cans for my lunches (these flavored bumblebee tunas with foil pull-top lids- I love the sun dried tomato & basil, the lemon pepper is ok & I’m afraid to try the spicy thai chili, mostly because I’m not a fan of chili) & some parmesan cheese (we’re cheap, the shaker kind) because we eat a lot of pasta in our house (As I said, we’re cheap) & pasta requres cheese (at least in my book) the kids seem to have suddenly discovered this too & so 1 shaker of cheese does not make it through 2 weeks.

Today was much more relaxed & calm at home. Not at work- at work all was chaos, it being busier than normal & more stressful than normal because the new schedules are supposed to be finished today, the glitch in this is it’s by close of business today, which is 1:30 tomorrow morning. Many people either didn’t realize this or didn’t want to accept it & were pusing for their schedules today. As a nearly 8 year veteran of the company, I know I’ll be lucky if I know my schedule when I get back from my days off next Saturday.

To know tomorrow would be a bonus but I’m not holding my breath & it will be a pleasant surprise if it does get decided on time. I admit that I would probably be more interested/excited if I were feeling better about the changes, I’m having some slight second thoughts about working evenings & more than that, working under a supervisor who has not been with the company a year yet (which is likely to happen going to night shift) is an annoying proposition at best.

I got over working for someone younger than me, with less time in the business a long time ago, because I have little to no interest in being a supervisor there (I’m already in a supervisory position at home, in charge of the kids 24-7 with no one to share decision making with. I don’t need to be in charge of a bunch of college age freaks who have issues with women in positions of power) my current supervisor has been there 5 years where I’m going on 8, it doesn’t matter, she likes what she does, she’s good at what she does & I wouldn’t want to do her job.

Someone who was on the phone for 6 months, then did what I do, then went to a supervisory position though, well, yes, if they were a supervisor somewhere else I’m sure they’re very good at it. However, I don’t like the idea of working for someone who hasn’t paid their dues. I’m sure they’re good bosses, but I do truly feel like anyone who is going to be a boss, needs to understand the job completley inside & out. before they can really be a supervisor & I somewhat resent those that jump into it without doing so.

At home though, the kids are relaxing & cheerful, ms 19 is even in a good mood because friends picked her up at work today & so she didn’t have to wait for me to arrive there & was home right around the same time 9 & 12 got off the bus. Ms 12 is a little put out because it seems she may have effectively killed her phone permanently now. Due to ms 19’s work schedule we won’t know until Wednesday when I can take it to the phone store & have it looked at. Mr 9 is sporting a new hair cut, which I’m glad his co-students liked because he wanted me to shave him & I said it was too cold, to which he compromised with “if anyone laughs at me, I’m getting it shaved” no one laughed apparently!


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