Spring Cleaning Or Not

We’re all much more relaxed now that it’s warmer, even if it was 22 when I left for work this morning, as soon as the sun came up over the horizon, it jumped 4 degrees & had added 10 before I got out of the car at work (& I do drive North East in the morning to work, so obviously it was the sun’s doing)

Mr 9 & I planted tulip bulbs yesterday, which I had forgotten about last fall & left in a box on our porch all winter, I’m hoping that the winter in the dark box will approximate being buried underground & we’ll get to see these tulips’ colors this year, if not, there’s always next year.

I watched entirely too  many Law & Order SVU & Cold Case reruns Thursday & Friday because last night I dreamed I was in a Cold Case, I was the ghost wanting to try to help people figure out what happened to me, very weird.

One thing about changing back from working 6 days a week to working only 5, I felt totally out of the loop when I got back to work today after 2 totally relaxing days in the yard & on the couch.

I was back in the rush all too soon though, originally I was not at all unhappy to be there because my co-workers were telling me that they got sent home early both days I was off, so I was hoping that would happen today too.

No such luck though & although I was disappointed, I know I should be working to the end of my shift & then some every day I’m there, I did work past 4:30 but only by 2 minutes, if they offer to let people go home tomorrow, I’m still probably going to take them up on it!


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