Friday Fill in #116

1. Why do we have to Go to bed? (is a common refrain in my house)

2. In the spring, taking the shoes off as soon as I’m in the door & walking a bit after dinner, are now habits.

3. I have A lot to do, but am really enjoying resting & relaxing on my days off instead

4. I had never heard the phrase “TLA” and it Made me laugh when ms 19 applied it to her boyfriend (who she’s now broken up with) because when you’re 18 you know nothing about what true love is nor do you have any concept of what always really entails.

5. And I’m sleeping in this morning, the way I always do.

6. How was I to know there was a mouse hiding in among the tulip bulbs I didn’t plant last fall!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to resting up for work on Saturday, tomorrow my plans include work & possibly a *shudder* short walmart jaunt and Sunday, I want to possibly get let out early- they did so Wednesday- it’s possible!


4 thoughts on “Friday Fill in #116

  1. Heh, I’m nothing to be around after too little sleep either! Thank you for commenting on my post, I hope work will be okay for you ❤

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