Thirteen Herbs & Spices We Use A Lot At My house

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Today as there was much discussion at my house as to what was for dinner & who had to cook it (I was let out of work an hour early & ms 19 who was home  all day on her day off felt I should have to cook, even though it was her day!) I’m thinking of cooking & what we use to make our meals taste great.

1. Onion powder, this goes in or on everything, from pop corn to pot roast, if it’s not sweet, there’s onion powder involved.

2. Garlic, Mr 9, not very surprisingly, is a picky eater (my experience is that most boys are & that many don’t grow out of it as they age, my own father had amusingly immature reactions to onions, peppers & garlic for example) but mr 9 is a garlic fanatic, his favorite meal that I cook (I don’t consider frying keilbasa or hot dogs- his other two faves, cooking per se) is Chicken with Garlic & Red Wine Vinegar sauce. For which I’m greatful, because it means he eats something I cook!

3. Cinamon, we’re big fans, on toast, in coffee cake & rolls.

4.  Vanilla, also important in cakes, rolls etc.

5. Oregano, we use this in english muffin pizzas, spaghetti sauce, lasagna, all matter of delicious food. chix-roast

6. Thyme, best with our roast chicken recipe, which is basic, but very yummy.

7. Marjoram.

8. Sage, also on the roast chicken’s skin rub & the family stuffing recipe.

9. Dill weed, I went through a stage when ms 19 was about 2 where I loved me some spinach & dill veggie dip, sometimes I still mix some up.

10. Nutmeg, mostly with the cinnamon in coffee cake etc, plus my grandmother’s cottage pudding recipe, we’re lucky to have the Harvest Moon foodstore so close that we always have real nutmegs to grate with our grater so it’s nice & fresh.

cookiemaking11. Mint, the first year we were in this house, I bought 1 chocolate mint plant & put it in the garden over near the ant hill (we had a very large red ant hill in the garden the first 2 years, this hill was bad my first day planting the garden in 2005, I found a drained, dessicated half eaten frog or toad body off to the side of the hill-*shudder* they did go away though, eventually)The mint comes back every year & spreads, ms 19 makes tea out of it.

12. Savory.

13. Ginger, another one of ms 19’s favorite, I’m not as big a fan as she is, but I like it in some recipes we make occasionally.


13 thoughts on “Thirteen Herbs & Spices We Use A Lot At My house

  1. I use ’em all that you listed. I even add dill weed to my mustard potato salad, and it’ gives it a special flavor that I can’t describe.

    My thirteen is posted. Come visit and view some of my favorite personal photos I took of them….Clydesdales that is. Happy Thursday.

  2. Mmm… you reminded me I have to refresh my spice rack. My boys discovered spices a few years back when they decided they loved frothing milk for cappuccino – don’t ask. That led them into experimenting in spices in coffee… go figure!

    I’ve got two TT’s up – come visit Coffee Break or Everyday Tarot. Happy 13s!

    • You know Journeywoman, I went & looked & I don’t have that spinach dip recipe any longer, I know it had red peppers & onion chopped fine, about 3 Tablespoons of dill, a cup of sour cream & a cup of mayonnaise (I changed it to a cup & a half of sour cream & a half cup of mayo) a whole package (10 oz) of frozen spinach, I know there were more spices in there, but I can not remember which ones!

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