Of Shifts & Shuffles

I received the promised email from my boss on Thursday morning, showing all 20 of the choices I have for schedules, basically there are 4 each of 3 schedules & then the other 8 are random things.  The 4 days on, 10 hours a day & so forth, which, while I love, are staggered in such a way as to be inconvenient for my kids & me, if I want to see them. (10 in the morning to 9 at night isn’t a bad schedule, unless you factor in ms 19 working 6am to 230pm & being dependent upon me for a ride at least on weekdays- currently she’s already stuck there until 530pm, 10 would be pushing it)

Yesterday I had quite a bit of frustration with ms 19 because she was depressed & despondent over ever getting her driver’s licence, a car & a college degree. It frustrates me too because I can’t help her much, I could loan her my car for the driver’s test, I do take her driving when the mood strikes her to drive, but I can’t buy her a car & my finances are so tight I can’t really even help her buy a car, nor can I do much more than cheerlead for her college plans. It’s going to be student loans for her if she’s going.

I did get my taxes done & helped 19 file hers too, at least federal, I’m not sure why all the companies that do free tax return help will do federal for free but want to charge you for the state filing. I have to go back in & file the state taxes through the state’s website next ‘weekend’. I did end up with a small refund (not enough for a tv set) hopefully I’ll be able to save it towards a decent tv.

Ms 12, mr 9 & I had a pretty good evening out, we couldn’t really enjoy it as I was too broke to be able to spring for a nice dinner out & so we had Arby’s through the drive through. Grocery shopping was a bit stressful due to the low cash supply. It was fun to go together again though.

Better news today, the overtime I was supposed to work next Friday has been canceled already.  It looks like it’s, at least for a few weeks, stopped completely, we also got word that from now on, those of us who do “chat” who want overtime have to do the overtime on the phone rather than while on chat. *Sigh* That was the only motivating factor toward my doing overtime at all.

Today was stressful in a bunch of ways & I’m trying to stay positive here so I’ll just sign off with the hope that tomorrow will be a better day & that it gets warmer/stays warmer soon.


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