Thirteen Reasons I’m So Glad Spring is Coming!

Really coming now, we had 5 lovely 60+ days of sun (& are looking at 3 of 50’s & rain now, also part of spring) Come play with us here.

1.  I love seeing the birds, but when they arrive too early I feel terrible for them (they were too early this year & our ice + 8 inches of snow was very hard on them.)

2.  Our dryer doesn’t work very well & we get clothes clean & dry much more quickly when we can line dry them.

3.  Its so warm & lovely, especially outside. My house is odd in that it’s always cool, not good in winter but in the other seasons where, here in VA 70 is the norm, a cool house is not a bad thing at all.

4.  The first fall here in our new house (2005) I planted crocia ton of bulbs on either side of our walkway from the street to the front door & from late February through mid May we have crocuses, daffodils & tulips to line our path.

5.  I just feel so much better not shivering my way to the car & back both at home & at work. (I push the no jacket thing to extremes if it’s over 20, no jacket for me- I’d feel differently if my jackets fit me better & it was easier to get in the car seat with my jackets on though- maybe next winter!)

6.  Everyone seems to be more into doing things, going places, hanging out more once spring starts to move in. In winter no one wants to do anything after Christmas (& sometimes before) including me.

7.  I can take the kids for drives on the parkway & not have to turn around at closed gates. They do shut sections of the Blue Ridge Parkway near my house down for safety reasons during winter ice & snow, I understand why but I’m still happy when I can drive to my favorite spots again.saddleview2

8.  Driving with the windows down. Unless I have a cold or other illness (which always go directly to my lungs & throat) I don’t suffer with allergies, stuffiness or sneezing (knock on wood- these things can develop at any time in one’s life they say) So I love to drive with the windows open in the car, especially when it gets hot & I can open all 4 of them wide & smell wildflowers as I pass by.

9.  I happen to love daylight savings time, it hasn’t been a week yet & the sun is already beginning to poke up above the mountains on my drive to work again, which means I get to drive in the sunlight to work & drive home from work in the sunlight too. (at least until April)

10.  The wildlife, just the other morning I saw 3 rabbits while I was taking ms 19 to work, I wrote a whole post on the amount of (dead) skunks on the roadsides this year the deer get friskier this time of year too, but that’s not really all that great a thing. The bigger the animal & the more damage they can cause to my car, the less enraptured I am about them.

valreading11.  Did I mention warm? I did? Well there’s so many nice things about it being warm. The ability to not have to run the heater is wonderful, because we heat with Kerosene & it stinks! Also, for it to be warm enough to just sit on the couch & watch the news without a blanket over my feet (as ms 12 exhibits in this picture) & lap (& when it’s really cold another wrapped around my shoulders) is so wonderful!

12.  The sunrises & sunsets seem to be more exquisite in the spring & fall, I’m not sure why that is but they’re really an eyefull most days that I work & see them.

13.  We all seem to feel a new lease on life, more hopefulness, optimisim & joy in the little things when spring starts to come back. (or so it seems to me)


15 thoughts on “Thirteen Reasons I’m So Glad Spring is Coming!

  1. Nice and refreshing list!! I love that people seem to get so much nicer when they weather warms and the earth thaws!! Have a great week.

  2. Excellent list. I love spring, and not just because my California tush isn’t used to East Coast winters yet. Everything’s just so nice and bright and happy, including people.

  3. Every years I’m pleasantly surprised by the tulips and jonquils. I shouldn’t be — I know they’re coming, but still I’m surprised.

    I posted a TT also. Feel free to visit: htp://

  4. I love Spring and I am so glad you are getting to enjoy it. Here it is going from 80 degrees to 50-60 so We are going from summer right back into winter. Hopefully the weather will even out soon!

  5. great list! i am happy for spring for the sheer warmth and beauty of it. in texas that’s when the wildflowers start blooming. that’s one of my favorite parts of spring. by may/june they’re gone.

    happy tt!

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