A Beautiful Day (I Did Let it Slip Away, but only in the best possible ways)

I did not know 5 weeks ago when I chose 3/7 as my paid day off to get me through our mandatory overtime until April at work scourge, that it would be a beautiful, sunny, over 70 degree day here at my house, I merely knew that it was 3 weeks after my last paid day off & 3 weeks before the beginning of April when we are (allegedly) not going to have 5 required hours of overtime on us every week! They actually did back away from that, for March we’re only doing every other week, so while I did do 5 hours yesterday (annoying because if I hadn’t had to I’d have had 3 straight days off)  I won’t next Friday & that’s a good thing because next Friday is a payday & it’s a lot easier to go grocery shopping if I don’t have to work for 5 hours 30 miles from home, then go home, get the kids & go back out about the same 30 miles distance to grocery shop! Of course there are wagers being made that this every other week “kinder & gentler” overtime means it’s going to go on past the beginning of April & I won’t be at all surprised if that is indeed the case.

But I sure did pick the right day to take off from work (never mind I was home last Sunday & Monday & the Sunday before that too, those were due to snow & I would have clear lungs & not be still trying to throw off this illness which has sapped my strength & closed my lungs down for the past 2 weeks if I had been at work on the first Sunday, I felt fine until I got home, after stopping at a store that Sunday for a newspaper, since I was going to be home, obviously I picked up germs at the store & being in my chilly house all day let that cold get a good, strong foothold in my lungs.

quite-the-figureWe all slept late this morning, mr 9 didn’t wake up to wake me up until 950 this morning, I decided after dozing another 15-20 minutes that it was smarter to go soak up some sun instead of lounging around in bed so I got up, got dressed & went right out onto the porch to enjoy the sunshine & read my book off & on,  mr 9 woke ms 12 soon after that & the 3 of us laid about on the porch in the sunshine until it had turned the corner and wasn’t fully on the porch any longer.

Then I insisted we get started on the day’s planned project, cleaning out the garage, we don’t have trash pick up here in the country, so we bring our trash as we generate it to communal dumpster sites around the county & dump them ourselves, then trash trucks come & empty the dumpsters once a week. We, or really, I am really bad about taking the trash out, when I had cars with trunks it was worse, because I could drive around with it in there for awhile, with an open trunk like my compass has I can smell it so if I put a bag in the back, I have to stop soon & dump it, but what we tend to do (& we were worse when the ex was around) is put it in the garage & let it build up.

That wouldn’t be terrible, although it does bring mice, but two out of four of our garage door’s windows are broken, so while there are mice, there are worse, cats, local neighbor cats who come in & rip up the trash bags & eat out of the trash in the garage. Mr 9 & ms 12 had contracted with me for a $10. bonus each to get all the trash ready to go & packed in bags again so that all we would have to do is take the bags in the car to the dumpsters & dump them. Except they didn’t do their job, they put all the most recent bags in the car, we did one trip & then I discovered that there is still trash all over the floor of the garage, we cleaned up enough to do 1 more  dumpster run & then I gave up (with my lungs like they are right now, I can’t do much & I won’t ask/make them do it all themselves while I watch)haircut-needed

So the plan is that they & ms 19 (conveniently out for the day/first half of the weekend, at her bf’s house, will finish cleaning up the garage tomorrow, as the weather is still going to be just as lovely tomorrow (maybe even lovelier) then when I get home, we’ll make more dumpster runs as needed (daylight savings tonight you know!)

The kids cleaned out our camping gear in the hope that we might go this year (it doesn’t look that way, but you never know, I may not be able to afford the MA trip, camping would be something at least) They obligingly got laundry off the line (after snarlingly putting it out for me yesterday) played with boards, chairs, jelly jars & rope which was an elaborate game that I watched off & on while working on the bread.

We visited the ex’s aunt & uncle because the uncle is feeling poorly & brought them a loaf of bread (well, we made the bread too- off & on while the garage cleaning was being done) and stopped at the ex’s moms, we were supposed to pick up 12 & 9’s Xmas gifts, but no one was home, (serves me right for not calling- but I hate to do so) we left the niece’s gifts on their porch for them to forward to her family (now that it’s nearly her birthday)


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