Random Snow Thoughts (or flakes, I am pretty flaky)

We’re all very happy that it has stopped snowing, even mr 9 who is normally the biggest fan of snow told me last night he’s through with it & would like it to be spring now.

A lot of his disinterest is after 2 days where it didn’t get over 25 the snow was just packed ice crystals & was no good for sledding or snowman making, although on day 1 he & ms 12 made a very interesting igloo & enjoyed themselves immensely.

I’m much relieved because I asked my boss to tell me if I wasn’t going to receive sick pay for the days I’ve missed in the past 2 weeks because I would need to work tomorrow & all day Friday (instead of the 5 hours I’m required to do) she said it was definite that I would be paid for the 3 days I missed.

She also said our raises were put off until April, but I’m so glad to be a) getting paid & b) not losing my job & having to go back to the phones (she was able to lump my absences together & call it a verbal warning) that I’m ok with that.

If I were smart I would do my taxes tomorrow, however, school is called off yet again tomorrow so I probably won’t have enough peace & quiet to get them done.

We have (some) water, as usual when it’s very cold (4 when I left for work this morning) the pipes freeze, the kitchen is back up & running but the bathroom is being stubborn, This afternoon, after work, I measured for the pipe insulation which I’ll need to purchase before next winter.

It is starting to dawn on me that changing to a 530 to 1 am schedule would be pretty hard on me, I don’t know who the supervisors are, but I do know that the majority of my co-workers would be much younger than me & have a lot less seniority, that’s not really a big deal, but it could be very strange in the dealing with people around me.

I tend to be a little out of it so to speak, when it comes to dealing with co-workers, if no one talks to me I’m content to pretty much talk to no one all day long, I’ve had supervisors & co-workers who thought it was ‘their duty’ to draw me out & get me to interact & I’ve had supervisors & co-workers who left me to myself, I much prefer the second group. (I also hate pot lucks)

Between my attendance record being ruined by the snow & my quality scores taking a dive to a frighteningly low record (it’s like I subconsciously knew I needed them to be as good as possible & then began systematically ruining them & sabotaging myself) (the last 3 haven’t even been at 3/4 of as good as they need to be, not just for this shift change but to maintain in my position.

What really annoys me about the quality assessments is that it’s not glaring huge stuff that’s taking me out, it’s nitpicky crap that I should be acing, as attested to by all the 100% assessments I have had in the last 4 months or so. (really though, out of 32 I’ve had 27 100’s, it’s not all that bad) I still expect to work nights for awhile after April begins though.


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