Grouchy With a chance of Whining

Saturdays are my Mondays so you’ll have to excuse me I’m feeling crabby, cold, worried about the weather coming in again overnight & tomorrow &  I can only listen to my lungs wheeze in & out for so long before I have to find something else to do.  Yesterday during my 5 hours of overtime I did get some good news, for the month of March, we only have to work every other weekend day, which means although I do have to go back in 3/6 for 5 hours (I have 3/7 off too- 3 days in a row would have been nice!) I don’t have to go back on 3/13, or on 3/27, which is especially nice because those are my pay weeks & it’s been terribly inconvenient working on my payday for the last 3 months in a row.

Of course in March we get to bid on new shifts, I am resigned to the fact that I will not get the shift I want, (of course, the shift I want would be work from home whenever I feel like it, for as few hours as possible but still get paid for 40 hours a week, heck, 50 hours a week as long as we’re dreaming) There’s a rumor going around that there may be no shifts starting at 8am doing what I do, meaning if I wanted to work 8-4:30 I’d have to go on the phones (no way) plus the ones who get what they want for schedules are the ones with perfect attendance & the months between November & March are not good months for my attendance. Ever.

So I’ve got ms 19 won over to my idea, which is that 5-130 may not be the worst shift ever.  Ms 19 likes it because it would mean that I could get her to & from work (she works 6-230) without her having to wait for me to pick her up after I get out of work & drive from my work to hers (I usually arrive between 520 & 530 after departing my work at 430-ish) also it would eliminate the question of whether 12 & 9 are old enough to be home alone on ms 19’s work days, after school & on weekends, not to mention the summer coming up.

It would bring me home at 230 in the morning, I’m a night owl but I’m not sure it would be a good idea to stay up much past my arrival time, of course leaving the house at 530 on ms 19’s work days means I’ll have had what amounts to a nap before taking her to work & picking her back up at 230 means I very likely may not do much more than sleep on the 3 days a week she works. Ideally when I didn’t have to be running her around, back & forth to work & on my days off, if I did fall into bed nearly as soon as I arrived home I could be up & around by noon & have from then until 3 when the kids arrived home all to myself, then 3 to 4 I could work with the kids on their homework, visit with them etc, then leave at 4 for work, work until 130 & do it all again the next day.

On Saturday & Sunday I would have the whole day (from whenever I did wake up) until 4pm to be with 12 & 9, and of course the same all summer. I also know from many years of experience with schedules that got me home at 9, 10, 11 etc. That I’m pretty good about not eating after work when I come home late like that, but that if I’m home early, 530, 630, 8, I’m eating all the time. I know I would do a lot better attempting to lose weight if I could curb what I eat after work because I really do a pretty good job behaving myself toward food while I’m at work.

I really do prefer night time to day & sleeping until 11 or 12 everyday would be a nice respite I have to say. I just need to convince mr 9 & ms 12 which is hard to do, really the only way to do it is to go ahead & make the change & show them how well it works out.


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