Thirteen Things About The Cats

Please come join us here

1. We currently have 3 cats, all about 5 months old, all from the same litter & all, as far as we can tell boys.

2. We are all very glad they’recatputer boys because this means there will be no more kittens.

3. Their mom went to stay with a friend of the family who could afford to have her fixed so there will be no more kittens at their house either.

4. We had a fourth, but he went to stay with a friend of ms 19’s who wanted him.

5. These 3 clowns didn’t seem to notice or mind their mother’s or brother’s defection in the least- more food for them I believe would have been their comment if they could speak.

6. I personally prefer dogs to cats but I like mice less than I like cats & living in the country you are going to have one or the other (& I like setting, baiting & removing traps less than cats too)

7. Our current cat’s names are Orpheous, Fluffy & Tinsel. Owned, respectively, by ms 19, ms 12 & mr 9. Mr 9’s cat is named tinsel because he was especially amused by a Christmas time incident involving tinsel & the hind end of the cat, ’nuff said.

8. They are exceptionally kittenish for being almost full grown & if I had a better camera I have no doubt I could garner some air kitty pictures & others which would be worthy of I can haz Cheesburger.

9. My rugs are beige so I have a patterned rug over my livinflashg room rug to try to keep real staining from setting in to something I can’t afford to replace (the 6×9 throw rug was only $99. real carpet would be many hundreds) The cats love to get under the throw rug & then scare the other two when they come along, it is hilarious.

10. Although they are fed an almost never ending supply of perfectly good cat food in bowls in ms 19’s room. No food is safe in my kitchen, they are poorly behaved about restraining their impulses toward counter & stove foraging & the yelling that my kids tend towards (by-product of how their dad acts) have little to no effect on the cats.

11. This is useful though when we have food no one wants, the balogna the kids had to have & then changed their mind about half way through the 15 slices, for instance, or the chicken carcass after a lovely chicken roast (no one in my family is terribly into soup for some reason) I’m trying to get the cats to understand & accept the counter no, floor yes, rule but they’re not grasping it.

12. We have had mean cats & loving cats in the past, but these 3 amigos are something else, they can get very loving & cuddly if they’re cold or think they’re hungry, but if you’re innocently sleeping & make noiswindowkittehses they don’t like (I’m a snorer I admit it) or move a foot they were propped up against well watch out.

13. Although we try to keep these cats indoors (I still have skin blemishes from last summer’s terrible flea attack) they do get out, ms 19’s cat, Orpheous is the most defiant about going out & it’s especially amusing to see him once he’s out & finds it too cold for his taste, he’ll go to our living room window & paw at it, both of his brothers will get up on the couch & lounge around looking out the window at him as if to say “ha ha, you’re out there & we’re in here”


9 thoughts on “Thirteen Things About The Cats

  1. Aww, is there anything cuter in the world than kittens? (Well, except puppies, of course…)
    I’d love to have cats again. Unfortunately our dog doesn’t agree and she is the one who has the last word in that regard. 🙂

  2. One sure fire cure for cats on the counter is an airhorn. You can buy one at Walmart for a few dollars. It will only take once or twice scaring the bejesus out of them if you catch them on the counter to fix that problem

  3. I prefer dogs myself but to each his own. I find other people’s cats amusing but don’t have any desire to own one myself but I appreciate your love of them and your blog about them!

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