Snow, Sick & Stressed

Yesterday I got up with the very best of intentions, I didn’t realize until I was walking out the door that it was snowing & the dusting of accumulation didn’t look intimidating at all. Off I went on my way to work, at the bottom of the hill where my road ends I discovered looks are deceiving & that the inch of snow concealed about 1/4 inch of ice beneath, I put it in four wheel drive & headed out the long way. All was going fine, all the way to town, no problem, the road wasn’t clear but it wasn’t too terribly bad either.

Then I headed Northeast toward C’burg, on my way out of town I encountered the sheriff who flashed his lights at me to let me know to slow down, on my way up the first big hill I saw a state trooper who was sliding quite a bit as he came down the hill in the opposite direction, he too flashed at me, not rapidly like I should pull over, just letting me know to take it easy. I did & was fine all the way up the second big hill. As I neared the top a black truck came up on me, moving fast, I was only doing about 35 & was stable, but not about to speed up for him (the speedlimit there is 55), he decided to pass me illegally at the top of the hill & after he was past me & moving right to get back into the lane in front of me he spun out, I watched him do 3 360 degree spins & sideswipe the dumpsters at the top of the hill.

This scared me to death, the visibility was nil, the snow was falling really hard, there were over 2 inches of snow on top of the hill right there, I slowed down past the truck & thought of the switch backs in the road which I would encounter after I crossed the county line, a location well known to commuters as a bad place to be in ice & snow, notorious because the county they’re in doesn’t look after them properly, in 2003 I spent 4 hours in my car on those curves waiting in traffic because some cars had wrecked in the ice & the owners of the cars in the wreck cleared a lane themselves & directed traffic alternating between cars going to Floyd & cars coming from Floyd. It was a mess & I had no real interest in trying that section of road on a Sunday morning when I had not seen a single plow truck at all yet.

So I decided that it was time to turn around. There was a side road coming up on the left so I started slowing down to turn onto it & get turned around back the way I had come. That would have been all well & good but there was a resident of the road coming up the road toward the main road & I couldn’t stop in my turn & he couldn’t stop at the stop sign, we managed to avoid colliding but both ended up in opposite ditches, after calling in to work from my car, getting towed out of the ditch by some one with a chain who was just passing by & driving back home I fell into bed & napped for another 3 hours.

I hadn’t slept well the night before due to full lungs, I’ve been coughing a lot lately but Friday & Saturday it stepped up & now I’m hacking & barking, I’ve been taking mucinex type stuff but it actually makes the coughing itself worse because it breaks up the phlegm & I have to cough it out. Being home in our chilly house increased the discomfort on all fronts. My lungs are so full I get winded walking the 20 feet from my living room to the bathroom.

I spent most of Sunday watching movies with the kids, first one mr 9 chose, then one ms 12 chose, then I watched Rear Window as I had been sidetracked the last time I tried to watch it. I liked it very well, the kids were less impressed, mr 9 stayed because he was building with his Imaginext castle pieces but ms 12 got online & stayed there. We did have a nice dinner of Broccoli Cheese chicken. Which I made & cleaned up the dishes after (rare, usually who ever cooks doesn’t have to clean up)

When I got to work this morning I realized I had managed to forget we had bigwigs coming in, I knew about it Saturday but not being there Sunday it had slipped my mind. I’m sharing a desk now with someone who works in the evening & when we wrote notes back & forth to one another I told her I’d apologize in advance for not being much of a housekeeper, she never said anything back about that & I discovered this morning that she had not felt stirred to dust the desk area or anything in spite of the corporate people descending upon us. So I got my lungs all riled up first thing stirring up dust, the desk was presentable when they arrived though so one battle was won!


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