Too Much On My Plate

I was thinking about license plates today on the way home from work. Here in Virginia it’s just an extra $10. to have what we called “Vanity plates” when I was growing up. Many people here have them as a result, and I spend some part of at least one, sometimes both of my commutes pondering what random combinations of letters mean.

Some of them do make sense easily FredT would be someone named Fred of course, some are probably nicknames which make sense to the driver & their circle of friends, I know someone who used to have “beabutt” on her plate. (she may still have it for all I know) Which actually stood for beautiful butterfly but that’s not at all what it looked like!

My ex always said he’d get his initials & either too or 2 because he’s a junior, but when push came to shove & he got a vanity plate he got “resq”  & his 3 digit rescue call number for his plate- thankfully this was at a time when we actually had 2 cars so I didn’t have to drive around with that plate (much) The whole rescue squad thing leaves me cold.

(Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they provide a service to the community & that they’re willing to get up out of warm beds & leave their jobs to help strangers, more power to them for that, it won’t be me that’s for sure, I just have issue with how it gets caught up with small town politics & a bunch of he said she said high school like stuff which doesn’t need to be involved in something as important as helping people after a car crash or a house burns down.)

End diatribe, let’s hope that one doesn’t get me in trouble! Anyway, the plates people have are many & varied, from bible verses (think Isaiah191 or Mark3.5 {not specifically, just giving ideas}) to their names to how many kids they have (takenx6, do you suppose that includes the spouse? I certainly hope so)  I could not make this one come out to anything intelligent yesterday: “urnerih” right, I’m sure it made sense while you were filling out the form.

Elderly ladies with “SmithGal” or things which allude to their hot-ness or beauty always make me smile, I can’t help but think ‘you go girl’ when I see a plate like that with a teased, gray haired, wrinkle faced lady behind the wheel. Conversely though, I hate, hate, hate any plate in which theh woman refers to herself as Kevin’s gal or anything like that. Come on, value yourself a little more, you aren’t just his ‘thing’! You’re a lot more than that.

Ms 19 when she was younger (& I referred to her bedroom as the glitter dome due to her excessive, unchecked & sometimes hilarious use of glitter in all forms of makeup, room decoration & confetti) said she wanted her plate to read “sparkle” when she grew up.  Now, she would just like to have a plate & even more importantly a car to put a plate on!

Myself, I’ve never really wanted a vanity plate, partly because I don’t consider myself terribly vain (I was often accused of being so by my father especially & so am self concious about it) also I don’t know what I’d put on it. 7 or 8 characters is not much, I prefer bumper stickers to express myself with! Weirdly enough, my current plate, quite naturally & with out any design on my part (& which I’ve had since before I got divorced) poses a metaphysical question, which I love, the first 3 letters are “YRU” so said outloud it’s “Why Are You?” Which is enough to give me pause on a daily basis!newcarrearview


5 thoughts on “Too Much On My Plate

  1. I HATE all the vanity plates here in VA. I think pricing them so low as a mistake. Most of them don’t make any sense. There is one that I did enjoy.


    I’m pretty sure it’s suppose to be KID TEACHER but I read it as KID TOUCHER and nearly ran off the road!

  2. “2fst4eu” is one of my favorites in that genre Ann! Someone at my work has that, there are also a couple which read “pnygne” & “giddyup” (both Mustangs of course)

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