I’m here because mr 9 wants the tv, to tell you the truth, I actually came home took a 20 minute nap in the car before the kids even knew I was home & really just wanted to sit down, eat a bowl of brussels sprouts (with butter & parmesan cheese but no salt- I’m trying, just not as hard as I should) & watch mindless television, I’m behind on a couple of shows from last week & Medium records tonight, although there is something to be said for letting 4 or 5 of the same tv show build up so you can have a fest. Cold Case Fest is  my favorite because that’s my favorite show (which has been on for a few years) my favorite new show is Life On Mars. I’m all into the retr0- past- history I’m afraid.

I was thinking on the way to work this morning about all the skunks around right now. It’s probably because of last weeks wonderful spring like weather. The problem is though that now we have dead skunks all over the place, right after I cross the county line back into my county each day after work, in a half mile stretch there are 2 dead skunks & then on my way down the secondary road I take after the main road there’s another 2 of them dead on the side of the road. There’s another one on the road from the county seat going towards my house & another dead one on the way from the main road to ms 19’s work. I smell them everywhere, on all roads & on the highway lately. What is causing this mass skunk suicide?

On my way to get ms 19 from work last Tuesday ( I drive a back road to reach her place of work that is not my normal way home) I saw a live skunk waddling off the road into a field, the really amazing things about him were that he was huge, the circufrence of a basketball around! & remarkably long, and his white stripe section was large & looked teased, Vince Neil circa 1988 had nothing on this skunk! He’s the first live one I’ve seen this year & I was glad I didn’t have to wreck my car to avoid hitting him because I haven’t hit anything at all with this car yet & would prefer not to.

When I was a teenager my brother (& my father) were avid fly fishermen, they would get up early (I mean like 4 in the morning) and drive to the cape & fish, then come home, they were catch & release people & we didn’t expect them to come home with anything, not catching anything at all didn’t bother my father in the least, he was very zen about it, my brother however would be in a pissed off mood if he spent the day fishing & didn’t catch anything, or didn’t catch anything but bluegill & pike (the days of excitement at any catch- including bluegill & pike were back when I was still willing to go along)

Ben’s word for not catching a fish all day was “Skunked” I believe my father would use that one t0o (it’s been awhile) One day a friend of mine (who was a little ditsy to say the least) was at my home when my brother & father arrived after a fishing trip, they came in, my father walking, my brother stalking in that way which told me it hadn’t been successful at all & of course I had to ask: “So how was the fishing?” “We got skunked” my brother announced, grabbed a banana & left the room. K, the friend who was there started freaking out, sniffing the air & getting upset, she thought he meant they’d actually been sprayed. My father & I had some doing to convince her that skunked merely meant they had caught no fish, not that they actually encountered a skunk.

And, of course, I never lived it down. My father was a tease & after that he always refered to her as the literal minded one who couldn’t grasp a concept. Sigh.

One of mr 9’s favorite jokes, without which this thoughtful post on skunks could not be complete (or so he says)
Once there was a mother skunk, she had 2 baby skunks which she named In & Out, One day In was outside their home & Out was in their home with their mother. The mother skunk said to Out “go out & find your brother & tell In to come in here” Out went outside & not two seconds later they were back. “That was quick how did you find your brother so fast?” mother skunk said to Out, Out replied “it was easy- Instinct”


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