I Won’t Remember…

most of what I thought of to write on the way home from work today. But I’ll try.

It’s a given, maybe it’s because I read my email before starting, and looked for a book to take to work tomorrow, having finished the one I was reading- I thought it would be the best of the Gregory Maguire books (Mirror Mirror) being loosely based on the Borgias, but it was about the same as the others, odd, strangely stiff & not as amusing as I’d hoped.

Once home it all flies out the window, plans to walk, to read, to blog, when faced with the house my first priority is usually the bathroom & then the second is the kids (often their priority for me means that I haven’t finished with my first priority before they’re telling me what’s going on in their lives)

I’ve never been good at decompressing after work. I used to like to think that the 40 (sometimes more) minute drive home listening to music or books on cd was relaxing me & getting me ready for the onslaught.

Now that I’m on a schedule (for the moment at least) where I’m home in what, in a normal person’s life would be time for dinner I realize I’m not relaxed at all & that being faced with a days worth of mail, homework assignments for 2 & at least 3 days a week someone else who a) worked all day & b) thinks she works harder than I do because her job is physical (I can’t wait until she realizes mental work is far more exhausting that physical labor especially in the relatively warm & loving environment she works in currently)

After we all get settled down the true difficulties ensue, mr 9 & ms 12 think they should have desert every night of the week. I beg to differ, we have tried gummy snacks, muffin mixes that they can make themselves with just milk or water & have either 3 each or 2 each depending on whether ms 19 likes the muffin type they’re making. pudding cups, cookies, still they eat everything entirely too soon & are begging me long before the 2 week interim before my next paycheck to allow them to make brownies, cake or pudding from scratch.

I deliberately buy things for their deserts & snacks that I don’t like, in order to try to minimize my temptations after work but when they’re all gone, they’re all gone. Tonight it’s brownies. I’ve given up yet again & they’ve got them in the oven already. I’m trying to convince myself that the only way a brownie is really good is with ice cream melted over it & since we don’t have any ice cream (everyone but mr 9 is highly lactose intolerant- although we do love our cheese) & we almost never do have any ice cream, that it’s better to forgo the brownies at all.

My mother’s birthday was Friday & not only did I need to ask her help earlier last week I never did get a birthday card out to her. Nor did I call her. I’m a terrible daughter. There, I called her & feel better now.

Mr 9 just wiped a knife with brownie batter on my sleeve & ms 12 is angry because I didn’t put my mother on hold to answer her phone call (from upstairs) I can see it’s going to be an early night for everyone.


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