Overdone Overtime

Hither & yon, back & forth I go, to work, home from work, back to work, it seems sometimes like I never ever leave work. Or that I’m always in the car going there or coming back. Last night at 8:15 ms 12 announced she needed a piece of posterboard, no one let me know that the package of sheets of posterboard I had in the bottom drawer of our secretary desk was used up so off to the store we went.

The nearest store has just recently changed their hours, I was a little worried but it turned out they used to be open until 11, now it’s 10, not an issue when it was barely 8:30 when we arrived. I decided to put some gas in the car because it would allow me to sleep 10 minutes longer this morning if I did it last night. So I sent ms 12 in the store to pay for the gas & get her posterboard. No posterboard was to be had at the store (or so she said- she doesn’t see well & she looks for things even worse than she sees- if you know what I mean) So off to the little grocery store, ms 12 did indeed know exactly where the posterboard was in that store & so we got a lovely little 20 mile round trip ridiculously late (for me at least- wow am I a stick in the mud) in the evening.

I was seriously annoyed because it was after 9 when we arrived home & I had to take a shower still. Then I got to look at my phone bill. Never a good idea before bed. Ms 19 had racked $17 in text messages & enough peak minutes to cause her to owe me $80 bucks !!! Ms 12 luckily had not done anything but call her friends after 7 (I think I forgot to mention last month she fell for a couple of those online ads which say enter your phone number & we’ll tell you your true love’s name & crap like that- to the tune of $45 bucks, so she’s still without an allowance.)

Work today was slow-ish, I was distracted because of some financial news I had last night, good news not bad, so it was a pleasant distraction & I was glad it was quiet enough that I was able to complete my bill paying list, once I was through with that though, I was bored.

As the day drew to a close though, things started happening all at once. Ms 19 was texting me to ask when I’d be there before I was even through with my work (I was stuck 15 minutes past normal time to go home helping someone which added to the chaotic effect) Chrissie texted to let me know that her daughter’s grandmother on her father’s side was probably not going to make it past tonight, since I’m friends with Sami’s dad too, I have to try to get to either the wake or the funeral, Thursday & Friday respectively.

Once I was out of work & actually driving toward ms 19 I had a text conversation with Chrissie & then with ms 19 as to where I was, she was not pleased about my lack of progress- although I was there to pick her up 53 minutes after I was through at work- which is pretty good- although still about 20 minutes later than “normal” (what ever that is)

19’s boss had given her a card with a check in it for her birthday so we had to go cash that, then we decided to get subs since neither of us was enthused about what ms 12 was supposed to be making for dinner so we stopped & got subs (good thing we did- it’s 7:30 now & 12’s dinner is still in the oven! She can be so slow sometimes!)

I suppose it could be worse, I could still have very young kids & have to come home & cook dinner after my day at work, it’s so funny how when I was younger & married (& a stay at home mom) I always had a nice, full, hot meal waiting for the ex when he came home from work & how by the last year of our lives together I was so not into it any longer. I still have next to no interest in cooking actual meals, oh pancakes or bread or a nice cake is ok once in awhile, if I’m really excited about some meal, like I’m obsessed with making a spinach quiche right now- I’ll cook. But on a daily basis?- yuck!


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