Back Yet Again.

I would never have dreamed Friday night when I wrote the last entry how prophetic my title was. I was just glad to have a keyboard again! Imagine my surprise when I got home from work last night to find I had no blog!

Terminated due to a violation of WordPress’ terms of service- Me? if the terms of service included not boring people to death with my wanton meanderings through my past, present & near future, not cataloging my diatribes against working overtime & children who think it’s ok to eat cereal at 10, 12 & 3 in separate bowls & leave them all stuck in a mire of spilled sugar & milk on the same coffee table in my living room (this was 1 kid- on Saturday)

There’s nothing here that could offend anyone, at least, not worse than many many other blogs (I’m a weekly reader of failblog, punditkitchen & I can haz cheeseburger etc. & if they can do what they do I think I’m ok mulling over what we’re going to do on the family vacation- after all, there’s an x at the top right, if I’m boring you- please do click on the x)

My knee jerk reaction was to immediately set up a new blog. I had fun cropping yet another of ms 19’s pieces of art to fit the header. I actually like it a lot, not as tasteful, classic & haunting as the header here, but it is pretty & fun. As I typed though, it kept coming back to me, all that history, those posts I wrote about my brother, grandmother & father, lost. That rankled. It also pointed out to me that I need to back this up somehow. Another memory card is going to be at least a month away though. Sigh.

I emailed wordpress immediately of course asking what term I had violated & why they wouldn’t at least send me an email describing or excerpting what I had done wrong. Of course it was Sunday yesterday so I knew I wouldn’t get anything back anytime before today. So I went off to watch the news, play Galaga & sulk.

It wasn’t until this morning while I was detangling my hair that it occurred to me that it could be work related- what if some manager ended up on my blog from myspace or if someone (there are a few I know of, more I suspect- you know who you are, comment for once & say hi) at work who reads this blog outed me to management for sheer meannes (I know one who may very well have a grudge although it’s been about a year since she was a daily visitor to my blog) or to try to gain favor.

I fretted about this all the way to work. Was I walking in the door to be fired? Were they going to sue me for defamation or libel? Would they maybe just give me a warning or make me sign something swearing to never blog again? Could they do that legally? Would I be doomed to write for only myself in notebook for the rest of my working carreer?

When I got to work I told a co-worker of my predicament & he assured me since I’m not putting the secrets of DBS out there for the world to know, never mention the company’s name & barely even give specifics of what I do past tech support to the public who is tv obsessed it probably wouldn’t be a problem.

I was concerned about ms 19 who swapped days of work because she was sick over the weekend, so she could rest today & so didn’t get to the computer on break, at lunch though, I went & checked & my blog was back & I had an email from wordpress admin which said: “I am really sorry for that happening – I cannot see why yet but I can assure you it will not happen again. The blog is back just as you left it and I very much apologise for the trouble we caused you.” So I’m ok, it’s ok. the blog’s still here & I just need to get a new memory chip so I can keep this stuff backed up since I assume my kids may want to read about their uncle, grandfather & great grandmother someday(along with their crazy mother & their own exploits)


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