Back In The Roller Chair!

I’m so glad to have a full size keyboard again, I really missed the comma button the last couple of years too.

Having a free keyboard from a co-worker who won’t take anything in return (I can’t even bake him cookies or anything- he’s on a diet!) is frustrating though.

I am trying like mad to sit still here at the computer rather than go eat things- I’ve decided to try again not to eat too much at night as that is really when I have the most issues with overeating.

I’m also trying not to yell at the kids. Ms 12 is supposed to be assisting mr 9 in cleaning his room, but they’re fighting much more than they’re cleaning.

Ms 19 has company, so of course, she’s embarrassed by 12 & 9 fighting (they’re never quiet & the larger the grudge they’re holding against one another the louder they get) so she’s contributing to the chaos by hollering at them from upstairs.

All day I sit at work & wish I were at home enjoying the kids company & once I get here I yearn for peace & quiet & grown ups who; while they may shake their fists (or other digits) at computer screens, don’t freak out, stomp around or yell (much).

Not that work is exactly a great place to be. It’s official that we’ll be on 6 day weeks through the end of March now. Sad thing is early in the day it was slow & I determined, while working on my budget, that I would be much better off if I maintained a 45 hour week all the time.

I won’t though, once we’re not required to work an extra 5 hours when they say we have to I’ll go back to working the standard 2 extra hours, under protest, when I absolutely have to.

Still trying to remind myself: Working overtime is better than an unemployment line. Working overtime is better than an unemployment line. Just keep trying to repeat that to myself, if only I could believe it.

Not that I want to be unemployed at all, I don’t, I just wish I could work a normal 40 hour week & be paid enough to not really need overtime. I was there for awhile, but when I bought the house, that was the end of that situation. (Of course we needed a house- the trailer was horrible!)

Oh well. General Malaise as usual around here!


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