Friday Fill In #110

Anyone who has been looking for me in the past week will be annoyed (or glad- depending on your point of view) to know that I was without a keyboard for the computer, one of my buddies at work gave me a spare keyboard they didn’t need any longer ( beats me how people can prefer laptops to desktops- the so-called “mouse” alone is enough to dissuade me from laptops) Although speaking of mouses mine stopped working too (although no one saw fit to tell me that until today when I brought the keyboard home) luckily I had a spare mouse- it’s just not an optical mouse like I’m accustomed to at home…Sigh…. At least I can use a comma now if I want to!

1. Please don’t tell anyone I’m still using windows 2000(oops).

2. Can you get out of bed easily in the morning?

3. The color Teal makes me want to smile- since it’s close to my very favorite color!

4. I have a craving for (burp) ‘scuse me, make that had a craving for 3 layer nacho dip (cream cheese, salsa & Mexican spiced shredded cheese all baked for 15 minutes- yum!

5. If my life had a pause button, I’d pause it On my days off- for at least a week each time.

6. Eyes are the windows to the soul & mine are also too big for my stomach.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to well, I was going to spend the evening online reading blogs etc. But as I’m only 1 of 4 who have been without internet & the roller ball mouse is driving me crazy, I’m going to give it up gracefully in another half hour or so & watch some more DVR recordings, tomorrow my plans include Sigh- work of course & making offerings to the frozen water pipe gods to defrost the pipes so I can have a shower before someone complains about me @ work! and Sunday, I want to Sleep in- as always!


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