Thirteen Reasons I’m Glad I Had 3 Days Off

Yes I’m Jumping on the Thirteen Thursday bandwagon after all these years. You can too. Just click here.

1. I am caught up on my sleep & tired of sleeping (for the first time since October I do believe)

2. Today is ms 18 19’s birthday & I got to spend some time talking to her & listening to her descriptions of her weekend & how many friends have already wished her a happy birthday.

3. Mr 9 & I finding that we both really like the book he’s reading for school.

4. I caught up on some backlogged DVR events so as not to have the hard drive too full (I dumped the 6 feet unders though- too difficult to keep track of what- who & where)

5. Parts of the house are cleaned up & straightened out (other parts are absolutely a mess still)

6. I have all my bills written out & waiting for the kids to get home from school so I can mail them while we’re out getting groceries.

7. I’ve read somewhere other than during lunch & breaks at work this week.

8. Ms 12 & I have planned ms 19’s birthday cake & will be making it after grocery shopping later today.

9. I got  a lot of laundry done- washed dried & at least in my own room- put away.

10. I am pretty sure I have the kids convinced that if they don’t clean their rooms I really will take the tv & the computer away.

11. I am ok- if not happy- at least not in tears- at the thought of getting up at 5:30 AM the next 3 days in a row to take ms 19 to work.

12. I have at least some clue of what my taxes are going to work out to (not good for me at all- I have to adjust my witholding very soon)

13. The dishes are clean when I wash them & I’ve been washing them for the past 4 days.


7 thoughts on “Thirteen Reasons I’m Glad I Had 3 Days Off

  1. Wow, you got a lot done in your three days off (I always plan to get things done and then fail miserably). Took a while for me to figure out you were referring to people by ages (at first I just thought you’d given everyone you knew a number).

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