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I am so glad school is in session today! It was really fun having mr 9 & ms 12 here yesterday- although I stayed away from the computer in an effort to keep the peace between the two of them- meaning that mr 9 wanted the computer & ms 12 wanted to watch her tv in her room (leaving the living room tv & my favorite gameboy advance game for me)  but as soon as each of them had what they wanted they started fighting & it ended up that mr 9 watched tv in ms 12’s room while ms 12 monopolized the computer all day.

straightvalI watched the new A&E show about George Washington which was really interesting & tried to get in to a bunch of Six Feet Under re-runs that one of the exclusively HD channels is running (I had DVR’d 14 or so of them & wanted to clear some up from the hard drive) unfortunately the tv station isn’t running them in any semblance of order. So there’s some from 3 or 4 different years & only 1 or 2 which are back to back in time frame. Not easy to watch at all I’m afraid.

The hardest thing  about having the kids home from school on a snow day (which wasn’t a snow day here – or even an ice day- although I think the north-eastern part of our county got considerable ice) is that they were restless & like to jump around on furniture etc. And it was a little embarrasing in that all those 6 feet unders which made no sense because I’d never seen any of them- put me to sleep (I’m sure it was also my body trying to catch up with my 4 hours of sleep Sunday night too) And mr 9 felt like he needed to wake me up to tell me I was snoring- so helpful he is!

In the evening mr 9 & I had fun reading a book he got from school which I had read when I was young (I had also given ms 12 a book with this story & others in it for Christmas a few years ago – when she had the teacher mr 9 has now- ms 12 said she showed the book to her teacher- apparently she liked it enough to get some copies for her classroom) I especially liked John Bellairs’ books because they were creepy & mystery laden. This book- The House With A Clock In It’s Walls also is the book which icamreads1ntroduced me to Edward Gorey’s artwork.
Of course mr 9 has been raised on Gorey’s work so it was like finding an old friend in a new place for him.

Speaking of old friends in new places- ms 18 told me as I was logging on to the computer this morning that an old family friend had added her as a friend on myspace while we were chatting about this I checked & he’d added me too- it has been a very long time since we’ve heard from him. Didn’t know he’d married his daughter’s mom & apparently have another child too. They moved from VA to where they live now in 2001 ( I think it was) Very cool though.

Too cold to continue for now- I’m going to go watch last night’s episode of Fringe & see what I can make of more of those six feet unders- one or two more & I may just scrap the whole attempt to watch it- although people have been telling me for years that I’d love the show!


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