Ah Quiet

Quiet because the kids are at school & ms 18 is at work I’m trying to treasure my one & only day off- although I’ll probably spend most of it here at the computer! Sometimes these kitties of ours are as loud as the kids though.

I realized this morning that I never even weighed in on the inauguration.  It was something of a non event for me because I was busy helping someone with a remote while the deal was actually being done. But I did glance up to the nearest tv from time to time.  I liked that Bush’s man- administering the oath of office screwed it up- it really summed up the last 8 years for me- a lot of macho male posturing “of course I know what I’m doing” talk & then tripping over their feet as they go off in exactly the wrong direction (reminds me of my ex- who predicted America wouldn’t elect Obama {to give him credit where it’s due he was for Hillary})

I was also unsurprised (but disgusted) to hear on NBC Nightly news last night that people were quibbling over the incorrect wording & trying to say that the incorrect wording meant Obama wasn’t really president. Come on people! Quit grasping at straws & Accept it – you lost. Just like we did for the last two elections. We didn’t go around saying Bush wasn’t really president (we did however say he was emotionless- a sociopath & generally a tool – but we were right!) Anyone who’s read this blog more than once or twice knows I voted for Obama & am really glad he’s in office now. ‘Nuff said.

So the weather here is warmer than it has been today- up over 40 is a good day to me & tomorrow it’s going over 50! Of course- tomorrow I’ll be stuck during the warmest part of the day at work dealing with unhappy people (my co-workers are only half of the equation.) I’ve already done a load of laundry (didn’t get it out to the line yet though) picked up the front yard & the living room- defrosted chicken for dinner- Divan I think- or maybe with the redwine vinegar sauce- (ms 18 doesn’t like that one though.) Changed out a bunch of music on the chip which makes my phone’s mp3 player work & read my pathetic excuse for email.

The $50. visa card from  my cell phone company as a rebate for ms 18’s phone is wending it’s way through their corporation- they’ve determined I jumped through all the hoops- filled out the correct forms- enclosed the correct piece of the phone box & sent my firstborn child along (well- maybe not that last one- I’m sure they’d return her if I sent her) And the card is just waiting to be sent- allegedly I’ll have it in 2-3 weeks now.

I tried to bribe ms 18 with it to get her to pick up her brother’s room correctly since I don’t have time or inclination to do it myself or to yell at him as much as is required- I’d really rather not know if under his bed & in his closet is where all my cups & silverware is going or not. (if not there- it’s gotta be ms 18 because ms 12 steadfastly refuses to bring food upstairs at all ever- due to ms 18 insisting it is ms 12’s fault cups – plates & silverware have been found upstairs in the past.)

Ms 18 was sorely tempted by the idea of $50. for herself- but she took a deep long look in mr 9’s room & basically said eff that. So now I”m trying ms 12 although the amount is less because I know I’ll have to get involved- (even if it’s just to break up the fistfights which inevitably break out between 12 & 9) I can see though- that there will be issues & I’ll probably have to give mr 9 some money too- especially since it’s his room & I want & expect him to help clean it.

I’m conflicted about giving them money for cleaning their rooms- they’d just as soon leave clothes & toys scattered all over the floors & the closets so full of junk that they can’t close the doors- if I were more like  my own parents I’d deal with it- I was the same way when I was a kid too- up until I was 19 or 20 as Chrissie can attest! I can’t do it though- I’m more of a control freak I guess- & of course- in order to get to the clothes I keep in the closet- I have to go into mr 9’s room- which makes it difficult.

If the money gets them to clean I guess it’s ok. As long as I have enough to get some new silverware & cups (Because even if every missing cup were located & every fork & spoon were found-we’ve broken- bent & accidentally thrown away (forks & spoons) a bunch more & the silverware especially is a melange of 4 or 5 different patterns. ( And they wonder why I only dig out the real silver set on Christmas)

My Grandmother used to pay my brother & I a penny or a nickel for every piece of trash we picked up in the yard (we had a big yard with a lot of frontage on a busy road- there were always cans- bottles- papers etc all along the front of the property line- I have less frontage but the same problem here- although some of it is my own crazy kids’ fault) It’s not without precedent in my family or anything. It still seems wrong though.

I’m still cold- although it’s 48 here it’s not sunny -although it’s not going to rain or anything like that- thank goodness because over the course of the day I did get the laundry on the clothesline & we’re all looking forward to having more than a half dryer full of clean clothes at the same time for once! It’s definitely colder in the house than it is outside but the wind makes the house more comfortable than sitting outside (except while the eastern sun was hitting the porch early this morning- I sat outside in the sun for about a half an hour just soaking it up)


4 thoughts on “Ah Quiet

  1. my brother and I had some fistfights in our time…altho the last time, my boyfriend heard about it and took my brother aside, VERY nicely, and told him if he ever laid a hand on me again, it would be the last thing he’d do. And he never hit me again!

  2. My brother & I fought too- but the ex has a temper & both kids inherited it so where Ben & I would eventually see the humor in the situations we got into my kids would just as soon kill each other as stay in the same room sometimes.

  3. I have dealt with the kids messy bedrooms the same way now as I did back when they were young…I close the door. If they want to live like pigs, they can, but I don’t have to look at it. When it gets waist deep and they can’t find any clean clothes, they clean.Ok I admit, its not the best solution, but saves me a lot of frustration

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