Friday Again

For me at least it is- bitter cold here today- I’m still wearing my silly jacket even though I’m in the room with the heater tonight & my fingers are numb! The kids are under blankets on the couch watching tv after finishing their homework & the cats are all arrayed around the heater nearly hugging it. It’s not as bad as the days where it was 1 or less- but it’s still cold.

Somehow it seems as though the longer the cold goes on the more I mind it. Which doesn’t make logical sense- I should be getting used to it by now (& It is 20 degrees warmer than just Saturday & Sunday were here) my hands get stiffer & more difficult to use all the time- maybe it’s not the cold- maybe it’s age!

I knew it was too good to last at work- we were told no more use of the internet that is not work related- I can’t read CNN every morning before it gets busy & worse yet I can’t use imeem. I’ve been having a lot of fun with imeem digging up songs I haven’t heard in years- my favorite thing is if you choose a song & play it the device automatically plays another song that it thinks you’ll like & also makes 3 onscreen suggestions of bands or artists you might like.

I don’t understand the connections the computer makes all the time (Queen & Dinah Shore- or – Ten Years After & Van Halen- what’s that about? Not even the same decade!?!) it was interesting though- seeing what it would come up with & what the options available would make me think of (When was the last time you heard Roger Waters’ Pros & Cons of hitchhiking? Or am I the only person who remembers that song?)

And of course my connection here at home is no DSL line. I don’t think DSL even begins to describe the very quick- insanely busy- connections they must have to use for all of us at work- after all I am not just listening to music I’m helping up to 3 customers & or other agents with their problems- using up to 3 help windows- an instant messenger which links me with everyone in my department in case I need more assistance- 2 computer applications to look at customer’s accounts- email & a fourth window with a U.S. weather map.

So back to the mp3 player on Friday. Bleah- 225 songs gets old fast. Although I do have some new ideas for songs I want to load at least- although I have to say my source for mp3 songs is deeply lacking in some of the more unusual one hit wonders I’m listening to after a few weeks on imeem.

As usual time has gotten far far away from me & I’m forced to finish up quickly & not get much of what I planned to say said. Oh well. At least my Myspace doesn’t show the last time I was there as the end of December any longer & I’ve commented on a few blogs- which I never seem to have time to do very often any longer.


2 thoughts on “Friday Again

  1. I remember the pro’s and cons of hitchhiking…good tune. That and walking between the raindrops by Donald Fagen were among my favorites for a time

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