Chaotic but Normal

Mr 9’s watching Practical Magic on the tv in the living room- Ms 12’s listening to the third book in the Twilight series on CD in the kitchen- because ms 18 has company & paid 12 to make dinner & I’m between 12 & 9 in the dinning room online listening to music while I type. The 3 sounds at once (plus the bass from ms 18’s speakers upstairs) all contribute to a general din.

I read once that your ears can only concentrate on 1 sound at a time- a polyphonic song- where you play 2 separate songs at once (in my case- in my piano lesson book- it was Swanne River & Humoresque {probably not spelled right}) and I could always hear both- not well- one would fade in & the other one out at times- but I always knew where I was in each song.

In this day & age multi tasking is the norm- I sometimes (not often- but once in awhile) almost wish I was back on the phones at work- on the phone we’re supposed to just focus on 1 customer- the one we’re on the phone with at the time- on chat we’re expected to handle as many as 3 chats at once- A day on the phone might be relaxing- then again- maybe not- I seem to have lost the abillity to keep my inner thoughts out of my tone of voice.

It’s already starting to seem like I never leave work- I dream about it- it’s in the back of my mind almost constantly- I try to destress- doing a lot more blog reading than writing because I don’t want every entry here to be an ongoing bitch session about my crummy lot in life.

I broke down yesterday & claimed that I had diareah so as to leave at noon. I just couldn’t stand to spend the last partially warm day for at least a week- at work. Imagine my chagrin as I drove up the road to find the plumber at my door- delivering a bill- I thought since we hadn’t seen him since Christmas day that we were all set. We weren’t. I got handed a bill for another 70 bucks. However I did get him to look at my washer though & it is working again now.

A releif because I was thinking about rolling pennies in order to get a load of laundry washed – and maybe dried- this weather is difficult- it’s either cold & dry meaning laundry freezes on the line- or it’s warm but wet & I can’t very well dry laundry on the line in the rain!

6 weeks & winter is nearly over- one benefit to living in VA when I’m from MA. The weather always seems much more temperate here compared to where I’m from- as far as I’m concerned most years- spring begins a week after Valentines day.


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