My99. Part 4- 24-1

We are getting down to it now. I didn’t think it would be so hard to do this- of course I decided to make it historical & put a comment on every song. I didn’t really consider how hard it might be to share some of these memories. So if it seems like I’m obfuscating or not elaborating like I did before- you’ll just have to accept it.

24. Bittersweet Symphony~ The Verve Pipe- 1998- The song at the end of the movies Cruel Intentions. Which of course is a modern day retelling of Dangerous Liaisons & a fairly sad story. I saw this movie with the ex about 2 months before we ended our marriage & then found out later it was what he used to seduce the girl he left me for & that they considered it ‘their’ movie. Which was painful- considering I’d heard something very similar from him after we watched it together (I wasn’t mean enough to tell the new GF that though- more fool I)

23. Ride On ~ Ac/Dc – 1976- ‘I got patches on the patches of my old blue jeans- well they used to be blue- when they used to be new- when they used to be clean’ A song about hitchhiking which I did a lot of as a teenager & young adult. Also when I was a teenager my mother & I played that game where she wouldn’t buy me any new clothes until I lost weight & I refused to lose weight ‘for’ her & so wore holey jeans which I was constantly patching so the lyrics resonate.

22. Wish you Were Here ~ Pink Floyd – 1975- Ahem- I had a crush on someone who wasn’t there for a ridiculously long time & this song still makes me think of him.

21. Tangled up in Blue ~ Bob Dylan – 1975-Well of course there’s that line about wondering if her hair was still red. Mostly though this one makes me think of my uncle who is a huge Dylan fan. He was 18 when I was born & baby sat my brother & I fairly often when we were young. In turn as a teenager living with him & his family & then later living with my grandmother I took care of his kids a lot. The first time I ever conciously heard this song was a time early in my years living with my grandmother. My uncle’s family went on vacation & I stayed at their house & house-sat for them (this would have been late spring in 1988). The first night there I went to use his stereo (my first access ever to a 6 disc cd changer) I put it on shuffle turned all the speakers on (he had them wired throughout the whole house) & went to the kitchen to prepare dinner (huge- lovely victorian house! I could write a whole post on the glories of that house- of course no one but me would ever read it) This song was the first song to pour from the speakers- I’ve loved it ever since.

20. Subdivisions ~ Rush-1982– The song that got me into Rush. I remember listening to it on WCOZ. I liked it better than the song from the same album which gained the majority of radio play – New World Man. My brother & I bought the album (one each- we did not share well with one another) a few weeks later. In spite of our divergent tastes over the years Rush was one band my brother & I could always agree on. Seeing them at the Fleet center (yes- I know it’s not called that any longer) in 1997 is still one of the concert going highlights of my life.

19. Voodoo ~ Godsmack – 1999– I swear I never heard this song until 2000- late 2000 at that- I suppose I  shouldn’t broadcast my out of it-ness but it was a weird time for me. Knowing my marriage was effectively over in my heart- but not wanting to deal with it or the pain & torture my ex was heaping on me. This song for whatever reason- is one which was very comforting to me during our separation & in the many months while we were taking care of the divorce long distance.

18. South Central Rain (I’m Sorry) ~ R.E.M. 1984– Remember when Michael Stipe had hair? REM was one of the bands my brother & I both liked up until the end of his life- this song makes me think of him.

17. In The End ~ Linkin Park- 2001-See Voodoo- except that I know I was hearing this song in November 2000- when everything I can find suggests it didn’t come out until 2001. It was also very comforting to me during my separation & divorce- of course- with those lyrics– how could it not be: “I tried so hard & got so far & in the end it doesn’t even matter” they completely sum up my marriage in retrospect.

16. Tonight Tonight ~ Smashing Pumpkins- 1996– I just like the sound of this song- the 1900’s video helps too- I’m a sucker for that particular time & look.

15. Outshined ~ Soundgarden-1991– I never realized that this song & the one below were recorded so far apart in time. I always think of the two of them as a piece- I love them both. I can totally understand that line about looking California & feeling Minnesota  in this song but I think the #1 reason I love this song is it’s one I can sing along to really well! (ahem- in the car with no witnesses that is)

14. I Stay Away ~ Alice in Chains – 1994– This song is beautiful & for a long time summed up my feelings about almost the whole world- up until last year that is- now I’m pretty much back to considering all but the select few people I know well & online friends the only trustworthy people in the world & I stay away from the rest.

13. Take a Picture ~ Filter- 2000-I don’t know exactly why I love this song so much – but it’s a pretty one & I like the end where he seems to be ranting about his father’s  opinion of him. I do often think of what my father would think of me now especially since I am nowhere near his opinion of physical beauty- I at least didn’t go all Badlands like he predicted I would.

12. Miss You ~ Blink 182- 2003- In researching exactly what year it was  I was hearing this song- I found out that although this song was nowhere near Blink 182’s highest chart topper it went platinum anyway because of the cult following.

11. Love Alive ~ Heart- 1977- Umm this is a song which 18’s real dad liked a lot- I absorbed his liking for it & it makes me think of him still- luckily I don’t have it on mp3 & I no longer have a tape deck.

10. Time After Time ~ Ozzy Osbourne- 1991- Probably my favorite Ozzy song. Although You Can’t Kill Rock & Roll & I Just Want You are biggies in my book too. For all his faults & mumbling he’s a pretty great lyricist. (I never watched the Osbournes on MTV just in case anyone was wondering- I prefer to think of him as the prince of darkness thank you very much)

09. One Thing ~ Finger Eleven -2003- I like this one a lot- nice sentiment.

08. Gold Dust Woman~ Fleetwood Mac-1977- This song makes me think of Chrissie- “pick your path & I’ll pray” indeed!

07. November Rain ~ Guns & Roses -1992- It would seem that there’s a Guns & Roses song for every relationship I’ve had. This was the ex’s & my song (though it wasn’t our wedding song- it should have been) I especially think of learning to play it on the piano.

06. Far Away ~ The Offspring – 1997- death- how he’d trade if he could- pretty much how I feel about my brother.

05. Over the Hills & Far Away ~ Led Zeppelin- 1973- This is such a pretty song & I had a thing as a teenager where my day was not complete if I didn’t hear it. I did a lot of walking back then & my walkman radio was my constant companion especially when I was walking to work in the rain I would hear this particular song- so often that I think of gray rainy days when I hear it to this day.

04. Under Pressure ~ Queen & David Bowie-1981- this particular song has enjoyed a resurgence in my life just recently- probably because of the pressured lifestyle I’m leading – much to my annoyance.

03. –Sugar Mountain ~ Neil Young- 1965- This song became Virginia for me- I was here at 19 & didn’t really fit in anywhere- there were all the hippie types with their kids & their concerns & there were all the kids- but almost none of them were anywhere near my age- “you can’t be 20 on sugar mountain- although it seems that you’re leaving there too soon” So I left & came back & left & came back again before I felt like I could stay forever. (I admit though- guilt over my mother’s age & no one to take care of her- does sometimes make me feel like I should go back to MA- since my mother refuses to come here to VA)

02. What I got ~ Sublime -1997- Words to live by.

01. Can’t Find My Way Home~ Blind Faith -1969- I’m sure this one is not a surprise to anyone who has ever read this blog for more than a post here or there- it’s just such a pretty song!


3 thoughts on “My99. Part 4- 24-1

  1. Love Alive reminds me of my pre-teen years. My friend Wendi and I would listen to Little Queen about 10 times a day and that was the song we couldn’t wait to hear. Can’t find my way home is just the most awesome song. Good list!!

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