Book List 2008

Somewhere off the Coast of Maine, by Ann Hood. Sweet story in my favorite sub-genre, reminisences of the hippie era in the 1960’s
The Journal of Mortifying Moments, by Robin Harding. Cute book, on that ever absorbing subject of living for yourself not for your boyfriend or other significant other.
The Meaning of Night by Michael Cox (book on CD)**Shudder** this was a very well written, entertaining book but the protagonist of the story was completely un-sympathetic (at least in my mind) it was sort of like a car accident- I didn’t want to see but I couldn’t look away.
Blackbird House, by Alice Hoffman, I really liked this one- it was about one house & piece of land from the 1600’s to the near to present- all about the different people who lived in the house. I unthinkingly loaned it to my mother & then- after she thought it looked great (it’s set on Cape Cod MA) & was really enthused to read it I remembered that a teenage boy hangs himself & I spent the rest of our vacation staring at it & worrying that my mother would be upset by that chapter & be upset with me about giving her a book with that sort of scenario in it (my brother hung himself at 16 & my mother has never quite recovered from it- so you know why I am/was concerned) she’s said nothing on the phone so far though.
Season of The Witch, James Leo Heirhly The first of the sub-genre I mentioned above- possibly the first one ever even written!
The Glass Castle, Jeanette Walls, I was amazed by this book’s story & the woman who wrote it’s positive attitude & lack of bitterness. I really liked it a lot!
The Bastard, John Jakes I made it through the whole set!
The Rebels, John Jakes Every last one of them!
The Seekers, John Jakes Being a grown up & not obsessed with sex anymore
The Furies, John Jakes Certainly seemed to help the situation.
The Titans, John Jakes Although I admit that the first 2 or 3 – which concern themselves with the Revoultionary war are my favorites!
The Warriors, John Jakes
The Lawless, John Jakes
The Americans, John Jakes

Bag Of Bones, Stephen King. This was such a good book! I think that Stephen King is an amazing author anyway & so much of his new work is sooo much more in depth than the older stuff (not to take anything away from his old stuff that is- I love it too)
Reservation Blues, Sherman Alexie. This was a re-read- although I read it for the first time when ms 12 was an infant so it was awhile ago- Sherman Alexie is an odd- but very good writer.
The Alexandria Link, Steve Berry. From my mother- she’s a little obsessed with Russia & so reads everything about it- fiction & non-fiction- this particular book wasn’t about Russia- but she seems to like the writer & I always get first pick each summer of her books she’s through with. I love international intrigue like this.
Juniper Tree Burning, Goldberry Long. Yepanother book of the hippie reminisences type- very good- an odd cross between the first book on this year’s list & the Glass Castle in that the central character was somewhat victimized by the choices her parents made for themselves- but she was miserable & screwed up because of it rather than rising above it like the author of the Glass Castle (GC is a true story though- which may have something to do with it)
Duma Key, Stephen King (book on CD) OMG! This book was so good. Right up my alley with historical reference & art plus a lot of good creepy stuff.
Green Mountain Ghosts- Mysteries & Ghouls of Vermont. (truthfully I’m still working on this one- it’s a little dry – I read it in the bathtub & at other times I’m stuck in the bathroom for (ahem) a while.
Lisey’s Story, Stephen King (book on CD) I did not think anything could be better than Duma Key- but Ann recommended this one & it was at the library when I went looking for something to listen to in the car. And it was actually even better than Duma Key!!
The Romanov Prophecy, Steve Berry. Another one by the same author as the Alexandria Link. It was very well written & absorbing. I can always tell when a book has really got me into it- because I start resenting only having a half an hour for lunch each day at work.
Crazy Ladies, Michael Lee West . This was a cute story of a family- cute I say when the book starts with a murder! Anyway- I liked it a lot.

I’m most of the way through House of Sand & Fog by Andre Dubus (I know I mentioned this the other day) I’m liking it but was sad to find it’s set on the west coast.


6 thoughts on “Book List 2008

  1. I’m so glad you liked Lisey’s story and Glass Castle. I thought they were both very good. I just finished 2 others you might like. Drowning Ruth and Beach Music. Both very good books

  2. I’ve read Beach Music- I wasn’t sure at first- but I googled it & sure enough I have it on the shelf. Interesting in that it was the first book I ever recommended to my mother & she loved it. I try to stay away from the suicide genre because of my past but this one was so well written

  3. I’m glad you liked Crazy Ladies! Michael Lee West’s Mermaids In The Basement (totally different that what you think it might be about) just came out in paper back and is great too! I’m her publicist — but I truly couldn’t put it down once I started it! I love your blog!

  4. Blackbird House sounds wicked interesting.
    The Glass Castle is one of my favorite reads.
    Duma Key I loved, too…and you think Lisey’s Story is even better? It’s in my TBR pile!

    also…if you like “historical reference & art plus a lot of good creepy stuff” you TOTALLY need to read The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson…my favorite book of 2008!

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