Trying to be an Optimist

  • On the plus side- working “extra time” (corporate speak for you have no life- we own you & you’ll do as we say or there’s the door) all winter will bring me up to spring.
  • Having just  1 full day off a week is really going to make me treasure my time off
  • Think of all the money! With what they’re paying me per hour I’m embarrassed that I’m not quite making ends meet.
  • 5 hours of overtime per week for as much as 2 & 1/2 to 3 months should help me pay down some bills.
  • All that time & a half pay should mean that I can save some money & take care of the TV- the Dryer & start saving for vacation.
  • After a few weeks it will start to feel normal going to work 6 days a week.
  • I’m hoping to rearrange my work day’s after work time- so that after work I focus more on the kids & less on the computer & TV. (because of course- I’m easily distracted)
  • This will be after school starts again- everyone in my house is currently heartily sick of one another & just wants some alone-time.
  • It is definitely generating a feeling of camaraderie at work because almost no one is exempt from this crap & so we’re all in the same miserable crummy boat.
  • A sixth day in the car means I have an extra day to listen to the Twilight series (almost done with book 1 & ms 12 who received the whole series of 5 books on cd from her dad for xmas is already through with the whole thing!
  • The grocery shopping is going to be done in a much more streamlined manner from now on. I’ll go after work on Friday pay days & won’t have kids fussing at me for stuff we/they don’t need
  • Once again- all that money- unless I screw it up by leaving early or taking paid days off.
  • Sunday Night Edit: I forgot the most important reason of all- it’s much better to be working overtime than standing in the unemployment line!

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