The Year In Review

Wow! This is the third year I’ve done this I can not get over the fact that I’ve blogged for nearly 3 years now.  It’s a good ‘meem’ to do at the end of the year-  a sort of year in review. Just cut & paste the first line (or title & first line) of the first post from your blog for each month of the past year with links to the whole post available to click.

January: @#%&*! (you can quote me on that) So it’s new years, yes, small case, nothing new here, same old same old at work (though I will admit that the change back in our computer program at work has made things a little less stressful. )

February:  Picture = 1,000 Words Of course, I’m still speechless. Everyone’s ok & that’s the important thing So- it was a little windy here in VA on Sunday.

March: Simple Saturday I’m not sure it was really all that simple, after all, it’s my last one off for awhile, as usual, my schedule is changing, though this is a schedule change of my own choice & for the better, (more on that tomorrow) but there is a feeling of melancholy because of the knowledge that the next Saturday I’m off during will be because I have it off for a paid day off.

April: Weird But Routine I have ridiculously mixed emotions doing my job like I am right now. I miss my co-workers on the days I work alone, but at the same time, the rest of the company is running around me the whole time & I’m never really alone.

May: Open Letter to Those People Who Keep Calling Me Dear Mr or Ms. U.S.Amy…   Please stop calling my cell phone- I realize you just took the High School’s records for students of a certain age & use the main contact number to call them all & try to recruit them for your war machine opportunities but my daughter has told you three or four times now that she’s not interested.

June: What I’m Doing While Offline A lot of reading is the main answer, I’ve watched a few movies on TV, put my garden in & begun embroidering hand towels again. We’re all bored & interestingly enough, though I’m the one the kids all say is addicted to the internet, checking my email every few days from here in the ‘internet cafe’ at work has been about enough. I probably could have put the computer back online Friday night, but opted to plant the garden instead.

July: Random Musings As I Wait I can’t get over the multitude of songs I loved as a teenager which are remarkably meaningless to me now. I was listening to the song Murder by David Gilmour of Pink Floyd fame & reflecting that this song meant a whole lot to me when I was 16 or 17. It faded into obscurity but since they don’t resurrect it on the radio. Ever.

August: Just Stuff So did I mention I let mr 9 have his hair mohawked? I actually cut it that way for him since he wanted to have his hair cut again before school & especially because it is very hot here!

September:  An Un-Laborious Day Which I always thought was the point of labor day- to take it easy & not labor!

October: Busy Days I’ve been running around doing stuff for 2 days straight now. Somehow when I’m spending time with Chrissie- even when we’re just sitting around it seems busy & crazy. We went to her drug test for a new job yesterday- then we got license plates for her truck- had lunch & went back to her place for awhile- until it was time to pick her daughter up after cheer leading practice.

November: Sunday Stutters First day back to work after 4 off. The computer application which we use to chat with customers about their issues was a mess all day. I was off line more than I was on. I ended up taking twice what I normally take in chats but only completing a third of them.

December:  Random Imaginings When weird things happen at work & I can’t talk about them I hate it! …Work is not the only place weird things are happening. I went to my last break & when I got in the bathroom & got out my phone to call home I found I had a voice mail from the ex.


3 thoughts on “The Year In Review

  1. Happy New Year, Becky! (FYI, I’m not really “CC&S” these days, so if you want’ to change my blog name to Light Motifs, that’d be cool.) Funny you say that about the hand towels — I just found a bunch of needlework projects in a bag under the bed and am thinking about starting one.

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