Just an Update

We’re recovering from Christmas fairly well here I wish I wasn’t at work so much- working Friday as a swap with a co-worker makes this week seem to be going on forever & there’s no end in sight because although I have Thursday off I have to still go back for  5 hours Friday & then get up Saturday morning & do another 5 days in a row. (they’re still ducking questions as to how many more weeks of extra days we’re going to have to work- it was supposed to be 3 – maybe more- this Friday is 3 & I am ready for it to end)

I’ve been having a really great time with imeem at work. Everyone was using it & now that I’ve discovered it – it seems like no one is anymore- I’m loving it so much I don’t really care. I think my favorite thing about it is that when I choose a song it will give 3 recommendations of other bands which are from the same era or genre & it’s leading me to recall a lot of songs I had completely forgotten about. It uses way too much bandwidth for me to use well at home though- Wildblue is not strong enough to run that & anything else (well I’m typing this now & listening to a song I haven’t heard in at least 20 years {The Call- I still Believe} but the song is stopping & starting every 30 seconds or so- if I wasn’t so enthused to hear this particular song I wouldn’t put up with it)

I’m getting a lot of cracks from the kids about listening to ‘weird music’ but that doesn’t bother me- if all I listened to was 80’s music or 90’s music or the new stuff which I like- I’d be a boring person in my opinion.

My ex came through & sent mr 9 a soccer ball & a robot. He sent ms 12 a cd player & the first 4 books in the Twilight Vampire series on cd- which pleases me too because it means I get to ‘read’ them in the car on the way to & from work now!

I’m currently reading House of Sand & Fog by Andre Dubus who I read before he was nationwide- mostly because he’s from my mother’s hometown (also my adopted hometown) Haverhill MA & I love books about where I’m from when I feel homesick. I’ve been feeling rather homesick this Christmas season. Which is funny when you think about it- considering how much snow New England has seen this year & it’s over 50 here tonight & not expected to even go below 40 during the day for the next week (which is how I like it)

I’m still working on even getting my Christmas Cards out the door (the computer & imeem at work are distracting me – during the quiet half hour or so at the beginning of the day when I could work on them) and for all those local family & friends type people who are wondering where their goody bags are- where we had no water until Christmas day we couldn’t very well cook so the cookies & fudge etc. will be New Years gifts instead!


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