Christmas Countdown December 20

Here is mr 9 putting together my early Christmas present- the only big one this year & one we need more than I want. It’s a new vacuum cleaner & much needed I admit (the old one blew up around August & we’ve been sweeping the rugs with a broom since then)I’m not particularly enthused about a vacuum cleaner but I will be glad to have clean rugs again. I did not get all my Christmas shopping completed Friday night & have tentative plans to go right after work on Monday night to complete the chore (this is one thing I hate about not having enough money- things like Christmas shopping which should be fun & exciting become a chore because I have to wait until the last minute because one thing after another gobbles up every extra cent I might put by to get a head start on the shopping)


All you can do is dream of a white Christmas for it seems that it always leaves most of us in the red.


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