Christmas Countdown December 17

This is a day which I’m sure- we’ll look back on & laugh. Someday.
Right now it’s not at all pretty & I’m sure before the week is over I will be stark raving bonkers.
Work was ok- busier than it has been just lately. I came home planning on making cookies because mr 9’s class Christmas party is tomorrow- ms 12’s is Friday & I thought the cookies would keep.
We had a lot of fun making cookies- we made rice krispy treats- easy fudge- chocolate chip cookies & our butter cookie recipe which we used for both simple butter cookies & pepermint & chocolate pinwheel cookies.
I wanted to keep the butter cookies simple- as in roll it into a bar- cut pieces off & bake. Mr 9 wanted to make cookie cutter cookies- which I really don’t like to do- a lot gets wasted & the more you roll it out the tougher the dough gets so the last few cookies are not so good (of course I’m too cheap or frugal to just throw the dough away)
After much debate I split the half of the dough which wasn’t for pinwheel cookies & gave mr 9 about a third of that half to make his cookie cutter cookies.
That was just fine- except that he dropped a cookie cutter while he was making his cookies & didn’t pick it up on his way to the oven to take cookies out.
So then- a little while later- on his way back to the washer & dryer (where he was making his cookies) he stepped on the cookie cutter he had dropped- he stepped hard & now has an inch long gash in his foot.
We cleaned him up & debated what to do next. It is a deep cut but it was already 8:30 by then & of course- since late August the kids don’t have insurance any longer (In March they’ll have insurance through their dad but it’s a long time until March) So I didn’t want to take him to the emergency room.
Ms 18 stayed with him- his foot wrapped in a cloth & elevated. Ms 12 & I went to the grocery store & got big bandages & some anti-bacterial cream with pain killer in it.
I’ve already called our doctor’s office (who will accept payments from me for his care) hopefully they’ll call me first thing in the morning & fit mr 9 in bright & early-I have a feeling it’s going to require a couple of stitches.
Mr 9 is taking the whole thing quite personally- the cookie cutter happened to be in the shape of Texas (my mother lived there for awhile once & bought a lot of things in the shape of & about Texas & gave many of them to me) So now he hates Texas!
He is quite upset about missing school tomorrow this is the kid who has 2 weeks of- beginning after school on Friday & is mad because they don’t have a half day Friday! I found out though- that his upset is not due to scholarly activities it’s  due to the Christmas party.
Cookie baking pictures are below.

He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree. ~Roy L Smith.


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