Countdown to Christmas December 15.

Long day at work- to add to it I had to take ms 18 to work this morning (left the house at 5:35 – back home by 6:10 & then back out the door at 6:55 to take myself to work) really it’s been a long day all day! I think I might miss 18’s BF more than she does since he was driving her there & picking her up!
A co-worker has asked me to work for her on the day after Christmas in trade for having the day before Christmas off- which I’m willing to do (I can understand why she wants to go home for Christmas- I used to want to do the same thing when I was younger) but the mandatory overtime they have us on means the only way we can swap is if we each work 13 hours (our full day on the swap + the mandatory 5 hours of overtime- I’d like Christmas eve day off but not that much!xmasornamentsTwo pictures tonight- these are some of my favorite ornaments- I love Snoopy & this one is sitting at a typewriter which is awesome- the Yoda is one my mother gave me- she purchases one ornament for herself- her brother’s families & me each year in remembrance of my brother & father. The third one is a wooden bell which I painted back when ms 18 was a baby- I purchased a lot of these little wooden ornaments to have something to do with my cousins who ere 11 & 8 at the time & spent their after school time with my grandmother & I each day. The bottom picture is another of my mother’s purchases- I really like this cloth fishing vest hung on a tiny pole with a miniature creel strapped to it-it reminds me of my father a lot!

vestncreelAt Christmas Play & make good cheer for Christmas comes but once a year.


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