Friday Fill Ins #102

1. Friends can be so much fun & as I get older I realize that they’re the closest thing to siblings I’m going to have

2. How’s your health (?); it’s so important to safeguard it – especially as you/we age.

3. I’m ready for absolutely nothing! Not Christmas- Not for being 40 & not even for making dinner tonight!

4. rose scent is one of my favorite perfumes or aftershaves or smells.

5. The oldest ornament I have is It used to be the star- which was from the 1940’s & belonged to my grandmother. My youngest uncle came to visit one time & was absolutely amazed at the star because he remembered it from his childhood- I gave it to him for Christmas that year because although it meant a lot to me- it obviously meant more to him. Now my oldest ornaments are gods eyes made out of yarn & Popsicle sticks which my mother- some of my friends & I made when I was 4 & my mother had us in her own kindergarten.

6. Take some chaos & some fun, mix it all together and you have last night at my house- where 12 & 9 & I tried to decorate the Christmas tree but spent 2 hours trying to make 3 sort of working light strings into 1 working string- this didn’t work & we had to call ms 18 who had received her paycheck yesterday & was out grocery shopping (yes she does her own- I only provide dinners for her about 3 days a week) & Christmas shopping with a friend – so that she could pick up a couple of new strings of lights. We never did get them on the tree & so the decorating is stalled out currently.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to Finishing the tree before the kittens start thinking it’s their new climbing pole, tomorrow my plans include Working only until 4:30 because I have to do 5 hours of overtime on Friday & I’ll be damned if I’m going to work any more overtime than I have to. and Sunday, I want to sleep in & hang out with the kids but I’ll be at work!

hmoonrainYesterday was a long rainy day with the sort of soaking rain we haven’t had in VA in months- it was very unaccustomed & made everything look so odd. After work ms 18 had to go to our local health food store for incence & some other odds & ends. I stayed in the warm car & took pictures of how the rain made the building look- I was trying to get their LCD Christmas lights all blurred in the rain but the camera on my phone barely picked them up. (that faint blue glow below the wood starburst pattern at the top peak)


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