Random Thoughts You’d Probably Rather Not Read!

This will be posted later than expected due to heavy rain which took out my satellite signal for the internet. My apologies if I’m speaking present tense on things which are now past tense.

Choosing a car with an inspection sticker that runs out in December was so not a good move on my part- yes the dealership gives free inspections for cars you buy from them but they want to sell you parts & tune ups etc.

There’s also tires- which I needed in order to pass inspection. Those Chrissie found for me. All I did was call her last Thursday to see if the place we used to get used tires at was still in business- when she told me they weren’t she suggested another place- since I was in the car I asked her for the phone number (this was all by text message- no I didn’t text while driving- I was cleaning out my car @ the dumpsters)

Instead of giving me the number she called around for me  & found 4 ‘like new’ tires to fit my Jeep-( they’re ridiculously expensive- Walmart’s cheapest new ones were $110 each.) for $175 & for $40 more they put them on for me. So after the kids were home from school we all traipsed over there to the place & had the tires installed.


Now I just need Windshield Wipers & I’ll be all set to face the dealership & get my ‘free inspection’ Ha. They’ll likely find something expensive in the emissions system or some such thing. I’m annoyed with myself that I didn’t ask the guy who changed the tires if my brakes looked all right or not. Usually (in my experience) if they’re looking bad the tire guy will say so.

I finally got all the Christmas presents out of my car & into the shed today while the kids are still at school. I do have to go back out to lock the shed but at least they’re out of the hatch back of the car! The kids were actually pretty good about not peeking back there in the trunk when we were out in the car to get the Christmas tree.

Mr 9 tried to put the Christmas tree in it’s stand last night. He says the tree is too big for our stand (I have one of those big plastic round ones the ex bought it about a year before we divorced- thank heavens I didn’t let him take everything he wanted!) I have had many trees which were a little small for this stand but never one which was too big.

Since the first thing mr 9 thought he’d need was a saw to take off a few of the lower branches (I always do that & use the branches to make our wreath) & I said no because I didn’t want him using the saw (& really wasn’t at all into decorating the tree last night either) I think once we have some branches out of the way the trunk will fit- it’s a tall tree but light enough that 9 can pick it up himself so I doubt the trunk base is all that thick.

This morning was ms 18’s first day of work since the BF moved back home to KY. (they’re taking a ‘break’) which meant that I got to get up at 5:15 a.m. to take ms 18 to work 15 miles away from home. It wasn’t all that bad- I know I’ll hate it more on thte weekends she works since I came back here after taking her to work- went back to bed- woke back up at 7 to be sure 12 & 9 went to school & then went back to sleep until 9:30(ish)

valbighairSo it’s coming on to Christmas here- it’s rainy- the stores are crowded & crazy- people are freaking out about their jobs- the economy- how they’re going to be able to afford presents & the time to get them. What does my company do?

They put us on mandatory overtime! And not the easy type where you can work it when you want & do it an hour a day after work. Nope. Back to 5 hours on one of your days off. (for me this will be Friday 10 am to 3 pm. Starting next week-at least they gave us a week to assimilate) Last time they said do this for 5 weeks. This time they’re hedging. They’re saying at least 3 weeks & then we’ll need to decide how much longer.

And of course this Friday is the last day to work & have the money show up on the last paycheck of the year & before Christmas – I’m not working any overtime either. (of course- I had a half day off Saturday so working over this week is not of any use to me- it’s just regular time not time & a half) I am really annoyed at this one.

It’s Christmas after all! A time for families to be together & have fun & spend time doing things like crafting & baking & decorating. I’m not even sure I’m going to make goody bags/boxes this year for family & friends. I don’t see how I’ll have the time unless I do it after work – one benefit to working overtime on Fridays- I don’t have to stay past 4:30 at all the other 5 days of the week.

I really want to go back to a 10 hour- 4 day work week now. And I can’t my boss said that they want to phase out he 4×10 days for chat people completely. I’m not pleased about that. Oh- that reminds me- the other horrible thing about the overtime. Those of us who chat are not guaranteed to be on chat- they may make us take calls. **Shudder**

I shouldn’t complain. I know that. I should be rejoicing that I have a job & that they actually want me to work more. I know I should- it’s not a difficult thing to understand- every night I watch the local & national news. And one or the other is announcing jobs ending. Cuts in staffing etc.
I watched Chrissie- one of the smartest- most skilled secretarial- accounting & general paper pushing- people I know- look for a job for months before working where she does now (which is not at all in her field & ended up being the only job she could get so that she could pay her bills & feed her family)

I worry about former co-workers who left my company for great jobs with the state when I hear the state is going to have to cut jobs due to budget shortfalls & I hear every day while I’m chatting online with customers “what can I do to reduce my bill?” “I need to make my TV bill under $40 a month”

I’m doing ok though & I shouldn’t complain right now about being asked to do a little more (although I notice my company is not actively hiring any longer either & for months they’ve been insanely picky about who they did hire)  However- it is really a pain in the neck to go in there on my day off- I know after 2 weeks on that schedule in the late summer/early fall I had to take paid days off just to rest.

I am not someone who wants to work all the time. I have co-workers who sign up for enough overtime to put them in the building for 14-15 hour days & come in on their days off too. I don’t understand that mentality- when I say wouldn’t they rather be home. They say they weren’t doing anything anyway.
That more than anything is what amazes me.

I can always find something to do! If the computer’s down there’s the tv-(with DVR even if there’s no satellite signal- I can usually find something to watch anyway) and when that gets boring (sacrelige I know- in my work- tv should never be called boring) I can do crafts- make my felt mice- embroider- paint- make jewlery- or the #1 thing I do when I’m not at work (& even when I am there during lunch & breaks) Read!

I know- because my ex was that sort of person- that there are many people out there who don’t read- who equate it with school or the need for some sort of practical knowledge. Not me though- And I shouldn’t really even say I don’t understand people who are bored at home & come to work instead- when I was a teenager I was the same way.
Of course- I was homeschooled & had entirely too much time on my hands- back then I did get tired of reading sometimes- that’s when I took the dog for a walk out in the woods- or went by myself- Walkman clamped firmly over my ears reveling in the trees- the stone walls- the froggy swamps & the rocks. (We actually had some really cool woods- I wonder if the people in the housing development up against them realize how cool those woods are)


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