Random Imaginings

When weird things happen at work & I can’t talk about them I hate it!

reindeer-gamesWork is not the only place weird things are happening. I went to my last break & when I got in the bathroom & got out my phone to call home I found I had a voice mail from the ex.

I was surprised to find that he’d hung up on the voice mail.

And that he’d called just a few minutes before I got out the phone there in the bathroom.

I called home & checked in with ms 18 & then sat there looking at the phone. He did just lose his grandmother the other day after all.

So I called him. Sure enough he was in MA & had been standing at my Brother- Father & grandparent’s graves when he called me.

We had an odd conversation while he drove around our mutual home town commenting on changes which had occoured since the last time he was there (May 2000- with the kids & me- I’ve been home almost every summer since then but he has never been).

It was remarkably odd. All the way around. I am still getting used to the kinder genteler ex. As opposed to the evil B*st*rd who wanted to take my kids away & never pay child support.

Of course- having been married to him & knowing him well- I don’t entirely believe that the guy I was talking to today is no longer the threatening mean guy of 2002- 2003-2004 2005& 2006.

Some students of astrology say Scorpios are either scorpios- grey lizzards or eagles. I say no matter which one of those they are they are also always chameleons too.

Ok enough about the ex. freshcam

One of my favorite things about mr 9 is his sense of humor. Over My Thursday & Friday days off which coincided with the kid’s being home from school for the holiday. Mr 9 made muffins – both kids do this fairly often – we buy those pouches of mix which are less than a dollar each & they make them either for breakfast on days off from school or for desert after dinner.

I went to the kitchen to get something during the time the muffins were cooking & noticed the oven wasn’t on! I looked in the oven & sure enough the muffins were sitting there- raw batter in the pans. I called mr 9 into the kitchen & asked him what was wrong with the picture.

He couldn’t figure it out until I told him to open the oven. As soon as he saw batter in the muffin tins he looked right at the stove light & started laughing! I love that he can laugh at himself. I can too & do so often. The ex & both ms 12 & ms 18 get angry if they are called on something like that where they’ve missed something obvious like that.

Tonight ms 12 made muffins again & mr 9 reminded me of this incident & we giggled over it yet again. Another good sign- it’s always good when people don’t take theselves too seriously.

Last night I sat down with 12 & 9 to discuss xmas gifts. Ms 12 had a 3 page list with things starred which were the most important ones on the list etc. Mr 9 wrote a list with 3 items on it. A nerf gun & more pellets for it & the one he already has- more legos (the ones he has just aren’t doing enough damage to my feet in the dark of night) and NO CLOTHES (his capitals & emphasis not mine! underlined 3 times I might add)

I’m not sure which I prefer. I won’t have any trouble getting things for ms 12 but I feel bad because I can’t get them all. Or with mr 9 I know I can’t just buy him a nerf gun (considering all the tears ms 12 has shed over the existing one- it doesn’t seem like a good idea in the least) and some legos & call it quits. I need less from her more from him! It’s always a catch-22.

m_59b1edc17e606f099ba089fbf8111460If anyone was wondering. Ms 18 wants a new cell phone & won’t talk to me about anything else. When I asked her if there were any books she wanted she replied with ‘I thought you were getting me a new cell phone- that’s all I want’.

Great right? I can bill it to my cell account thus freeing up more cash for the other’s gifts. Except that the bill will come due right before Christmas anyway & the cell phone she wants is like $180. (before the rebate- a whopping $50. back)

I can get her a blackberry pearl phone for a penny. Nope. She’s got to have the one she wants- it has an mp3 player like mine (& The blackberry pearl) and an extended keyboard. Why does she want this stupid phone & no other? Because it’s pink. Bleah.

I’m so looking forward to Saturday. I have a half day off. Will be out of work at noon. I’m planning to do some Xmas shopping but depending on a few different factors may be meeting Chrissie- her daughter- ms 12 & mr 9 in Roanoke. Which means I will be unable to do much xmas shopping – but will have a lot more fun!


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