My Weekend- Long Over

“Weekend” I can hear you thinking “what’s that supposed to mean- the weekend’s barely begun & it’s such a nice long one too”
Well my weekend was exactly 2 days- just as long as it always is. I’m not complaining- after all unlike many I work with who work Thursdays- I did have the holiday off along with Black Friday- though I didn’t venture far from home on Friday- just to the local grocery store it was an interesting day anyway.mothers-little-helper

The holiday began bright & early Thursday morning when I made breakfast while simultaneously washing up the dishes ms 12 had left the night before under the guise of ‘soaking’ them. As soon as everyone had their fill of orange frosted cinnamon rolls (the pillsbury dough boy & I go back a long long way) I started the bread for the thanksgiving meal. Ms 18 & I had a big emotional argument somewhere in here & ms 12 got her first period- which meant that she spent all day Thursday horrified that I might announce it at the dinner table at her grandmothers ( I kept my mouth shut- there at least)

We all pretty much lounged around & watched tv or read or in my case went online & read. when the bread was rising the second time ms 18 made green bean casserole as promised & the kids & I cleaned up the house & ourselves & then got dressed to go. We were there at 20 of 2 with 3 loaves of bread (I Brought my own butter because my MIL uses margarine & I don’t like margarine) the green bean casserole & our appetites.

thehappycoupleThe day passed very pleasantly though I was amused to notice that very few things have changed since I was married to my ex. Someone’s always on the outs with someone else & whoever is not there gets talked about the most. Which makes me wonder what tales have been told in my absence (this is only the second Turkey day I’ve had off in 8 Thanksgivings spent with the company I work for)

Friday was over almost before I knew it. We all stayed up late Thursday night & slept in on Friday- except ms 18 & her bf both of whom had to work. 12 – 9 & I got up ate our respective breakfasts & started on the Christmas decorating. It was nowhere near as warm & sunny as the overly optimistic weatherman had predicted so we started in the house- Cheering the old beloved ornaments we were pulling out of the boxes & mourning the broken ones- it was so bad at one point that 12 & 9 were pulling things out of boxes & piling them either in the save for later box- the stuff for the tree- or the put up today pile & I was just sitting at the table with the super glue in hand sticking things back together.

When I was a kid – about 10 or 11 I guess- I was given the privledge (in my mind at least) of decorating the house for Christmas- My grandmother was busy & my mother considered the Christmas knick knacks a nussaince & a pain. I knew exactly where each display & piece went. We put things up in the same places every year. The ceramic tree in the dining room picture window- the snow village on the window sill behind my Grandmother’s chair & the manger scence behind my Grandfather’s chair. Ceramic angels my uncle had painted on my Grandmother’s bedside table & the little wooden church & santa in his sleigh (complete with small wrapped packages- a doll & a teddy bear all in the sack) on the table in my mother’s living room (we had one living room which was my Grandmother’s & one which was my mother’s – with french doors in between)


I am trying to avoid this sort of rote decoration at my house but it is hard! I’m partial to garlands – just the other night I bought metallic bells & some pretty red- green & gold beads in garlands at the dollar store-($2. Each) I do have lots of doors so it’s nice to loop them over the doors. The kids are mad I didn’t put Christmas lights in The garlands this year. They want to know why the peace on earth-snow scene- candle holder isn’t on the wood shelves where I keep the insence the rest of the year(the reason for that is that it’s now the spot where the Christmas tree has to go & so I don’t want to put things on the shelf since the tree- when we get it- will block the shelves.

They want the bottle socks on the same bottles & were scandalized when I put some decorations in the secretary’s glassed in cupboards & hung my Santa pull toy on the key for the secretary’s door lock. We’ve always had colorful garland lights on the front porch & snowflake lights behind them so a double effect. Since we only have 2 sets of garlands (as opposed to the 4 we started with) & 1/3 of the snowflake lights are not working any longer I decided to change it up & hang the snowflakes wrapped & doubled on the garage & only the banners stretched to their max on the house ( I Bet I’ll have to buy new lights next year) All the same it really was long & fun getting everything up & ready.

We had a nice beef roast for dinner 18’s friend from New Jersey came over because she came back from visiting her family 2 days before the dorms at her college open up from the Thanksgiving break & so will be staying with us until the dorms open again. Work today was ok. A little slow for which I’m grateful.


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