Random Birthday Ramblings

So it was a good day all in all. I mean I worked all day so it wasn’t exactly spectacular. I had my training first thing this morning though so that took care of nearly the first 2 hours & made the rest of the day pass quite quickly. (thank goodness)

Ms 18 made me feel like I might have actually raised her pretty well after all. Without prompting- when she got her paycheck today (it was originally supposed to be postponed until Monday) she purchased a couple of birthday gifts for me. A soy based apple cider scented candle & a lovely ceramic mortar & pestle (I had one for grinding herbs when she was little & somehow the pestle had gotten broken- it’s something I always have said I’d like another one of but which I would probably not purchase for myself right now- given the current economic situation) It will be much used & much appreciated though.

Ms 12 bought me a little Lindor truffle candy which was all she could afford at the store they went to & they collaborated on my birthday cake (which we haven’t had yet because 18 & her bf went out to do some laundry.) I paid them to take our wet clothes-the rain & cold this week& the snow last week has really set us behind on our clothes-drying schedule.

The kids made their own homemade pizzas tonight for dinner & shortly we’re going to the dollar store so I can get a new set of xmas lights to make my own peace symbol decoration for the shed. We’re decorating the house for xmas on Friday (becomming a tradition) I’d really like to paint the shed some wild design but ms 18 has yet to draft one for me. I’ll have to take a picture of a local shed which is painted wildly so everyone will know what I’m talking about. (the one I’m thinking of is near my mother in law’s – where we’re going for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow afternoon- I’ll have to take the long way & get a photo.


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