The age at which life is said to begin (only, it seems, by those approaching their 40th birthday).

40 is an important Biblical number: Moses was summoned to Mount Sinai at the age of 40, and he stayed there for 40 days; Elijah was fed by ravens for 40 days; the flood lasted 40 days and 40 nights; Nineveh had 40 days to repent; Jesus fasted for 40 days; Saul, David and Solomon reigned for 40 years; the Children of Israel wandered the Wilderness for 40 years; Jesus rose from the dead 40 hours after being placed in the tomb; and Lent lasts 40 days.

A short nap tends to last 40 winks.

40 ‘Immortals’ make up the French Academy.

A ‘binder’s pack’ is 40 books.

The Lapiths sent 40 ships to the Trojan wars.

This comes about for me tomorrow & I have decided to opt out. Thank you very much.


4 thoughts on “40

  1. I just found your blog again. My computer’s hard drive died and I lost everything.
    I still can not believe your birthday is the same as my great niece = Samantha.
    Happy Belated birthday!!!!

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