Frustration Station

That’s what my house seems like today- with the ex’s impending visit- all of the kids acting as if it was no big deal & instead of cleaning up the house a little like I asked- messing it up worse than ever. When I arrived home after a busy- crash filled- frustrating day at work I got to hear from Ms12 about Ms 18 & her BF sitting around ‘doing nothing’ while she tried to clean the house. From Mr9 about how he’d cleaned his room & found much of the mess to be possessions of 12’s which have fallen down the stairs into his room (the stairs are in his room- poor thing) So of course- he was cleaning- he couldn’t leave all her stuff in his room! Unfortunately he couldn’t take it up the stairs to her room either- he just piled it all in my dining room! (Oh yes- much better- let’s spread the mess to the common areas of the house so everyone can ‘enjoy’ it) And of course Ms18 complained bitterly about neither kid doing anything she asked all day. (which I gather from both 12 & 9 mostly consisted of requests for water- cereal & ashtrays to be brought to her while she was on the couch complaining abot the cold) l_522c90da515fe400eeec93cc21c8d511
The dining room electrical circuit which has been weak for the last year or so (necessitating turning off the overhead lights in the dining room- mr9’s bed room & sometimes- in Ms18’s room upstairs too {All on the same circuit breaker- I wonder why we have issues with the electricity!} when we use the microwave) is out completely now. Last night I noticed the microwave’s power light (it’s in the dining room) turning off & on over & over so I had 12 unplug it from power all together. The dining room light was on when I got here but around 6 it was dimming off & on so we turned it off & when we went to turn it back on it wouldn’t come on.
This is not a happy thing. I have mixed emotions though. Because if anyone can fix it quickly & easily it’s my ex. However if there is no quick & easy fix he’s got ammunition in arguments & threats about him having 12 & 9 live with him half the year.
OK – Enough negative stuff-
I came home to find 18’s BF had bought a bunch of kerosene- which is an appropriate contribution to the household if you ask me- so we’re warmish tonight (cold here in VA- I went out to my car at 6:50 this morning to find it had a light coat of snow all over it. Not the sort that you have to scrape- just dry flurry type flakes but it’s not even mytwistedfools birthday yet!)
My boss is going to work with me to keep me from getting in trouble for missing work Wednesday- of course it means working Friday instead- but that’s really for the best I can ill afford to miss a day this close to Christmas!
I came home to find 18 had been slow to defrost the sausage & hamburger to make meatballs with & that the kids had decided to have what we call a ‘pick up dinner’ meaning we all just fend for ourselves (12 & 9 had finished off Friday night’s beef roast & potatoes for lunch so I figured a light dinner wouldn’t hurt them) 18 had bribed 12 somehow to make the meatballs & we all agreed she should get them mixed tonight so all that would need to be done tomorrow was fry them & make the spaghetti & sauce- a good thing as 18 works tomorrow & will likely have to wait for me to get out of work & go get her.
I did the dishes as a favor to 12 who was making the meatballs & to keep her company which was fun- at least until we discovered the situation with the lights.
12 & 9 have been playing what may be the loudest game of twister ever.
I’ve promised to watch the Starz premiere of National Treasure Book Of Secrets which we DVR’d last night.
Which means this is the end.


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