Off Day

So I woke up at a quarter to 9 this morning (that’s after the 30 minute debacle between 7 & 7:30 making sure 12 & 9 got up- dressed decently & got on the bust for school) I have a slight cold so have been sleeping sitting up so as to breathe & I laid down because with the rain & all it was a bit chilly sitting up this morning. I was thinking about the ex’s visit- how to get the kids to clean their rooms & help me with the house today & tomorrow & have it stay clean until next Wedneday? How bad the ex’s timing is as today & tomorrow plus Monday & Tuesday are 18’s work days meaning she won’t even be around to do last minute emergency clean up much before he shows up sometime Tuesday evening. How I’m starting to hope- since I haven’t heard any more from him since last Thursday that maybe his plans have changed. Of course that will turn out to be a wish. And so on & so on. Until I thought to look at the clock again & it was 5 minutes to ten ! I don’t think I actually laid there & thought for a full hour- although I know I can do so & have. The time flew too quickly! I think I fell asleep in the middle of thinking & woke up still thinking & didn’t realize I’d done so. camreads

It was certainly better than a month or two ago while I was still adjusting to the schedule change & during the mandatory overtime where I was working 6 days a week. I would sleep & sleep & sleep all morning on most of my days off. I don’t like to do that but it happens & I obviously need the sleep! Or I’d be awake after all. I was never more surprised than when I encountered the first person who I ever met who got up by alarm clock even on days when they didn’t have anywhere to go or anything to do! (I was high school age)

When I got up I spent an hour & a half running around the house in my nightgown cleaning up- sorting laundry- starting washes- running the dryer- picking up stuff the kids have left around & just general cleaning. It does look better around here & it delayed the inevitable need to put the heater on which came about once I was dressed – had my breakfast drink ready & sat down at the computer.

I’ve been taking it pretty easy since then- other than fielding phone calls from 18 & the BF. He’s at work- she’s at work. Because he’s at work I expected to go get her after her work at 2:30. He called me & told me he was only working a half day (rain plays hell with construction work) so he’d go get her. Then on her lunch she called me & I told her about the BF’s call & she was upset & said she wanted me to come get her- not him (Don’t ask me why- after all he’s her BoyFriend after all! You would think she’d be happy to see him!) So we hung up she called me back 10 minutes later after talking with not her BF but his boss & said she can’t reach him. She wanted me to come get her anyway which would put the BF & Me in the parking lot at the same time & cause her to have to say to him (or possibly me) that she wanted to ride with the other one.

val-bagginI’m not wasting that amount of gas! I do have to go to town & get some groceries. We must have fully stocked shelves for the ex’s visit or he starts making noises about how I can’t afford to keep his kids fed- never mind that his visit is 2 days before my next payday & I’m usually very broke by then. We’re actually a meal or two short for the duration until my next paycheck anyway & then there’s the fact that I really want a roast. I wanted it tonight but that’s not going to happen this late in the day so I’ll get one tonight & cook it tomorrow night.

Otherwise I’ve been wasting time. I not only looked at all the pictures on I can haz CheezburgerFailblog & some of the others (there are a few I don’t look at- truthfully the one making fun of poorly spelled & international translations of English word leaves me cold for instance) I looked at all the “upcoming” pictures too- well not all- there are hundereds of pages of them after all! I definitely wasted a bunch of time entertaining myself though!

I thought I might watch tv & embroider or work on the Christmas mice for awhile but now it’s getting toward the arsenic hour & I’m going to have to take the little ones to the store with me when they get home from school. They definitely prefer to go along for the ride when it comes to going shopping although with their constant fighting with each other- whining for things I’m not going to buy them & arguing with each other I am often on the brink of threatening them with staying home with ms 18 next time. (every time)


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