Fried Day

I am so glad it’s Friday finally! Not the real one- just mine. It has been a difficult week. Crazy at work with so much crashing of our computer program that we’re tracking it now. I did a bunch of overtime. Which is why I haven’t been online. Working to 6 to make as many hours as possible to make up for not working any overtime last week at all got me home at 7 each night & while I did pull up the ‘new post’ section here on wordpress. The thought of lifting my arms to the computer keyboard to type even 1 more word was too much!
With homework- 20 minutes of listening to mr 9 read- sending 12 to bed for throwing a hissy fit because she had to do the dishes (thus shooting myself in the foot because of course- guess who did the dishes in 12’s place? ME! Dealing with ms 18 & the BF’s relationship ups & downs (or trying to ignore them- more accurately) being attacked by tiny kitties who think my legs are new climbing posts & my hair when I’m sitting on the couch watching the news is an exciting new cave which must be explored. I have had very little time for even thinking about what to write.
Much of what I might write about tonight isn’t good information. Like the fact that the afore mentioned kitties think mr 9’s bedroom is one big litter box & I’m not at all sure how I’m going to get rid of that smell before next Wednesday. And then there’s next Wednesday. Did I mention the ex’s unexpected visit? That’s what’s happening next Wednesday. I’m not pleased in the least – especially considering my financial situation- the bathroom floor’s condition the kitty pee & poop all over the house & the fact that he wants me to keep the kids out of school on Wednesday so he can take them out to lunch & buy them Christmas gifts (and the fact that I haven’t let him know that there’s no way in hell that he’s doing that alone & I’m calling in sick to go with them on their little jaunt)
I tried to convince ms 18 to take the trip. I told her she might get a pair of shoes or something out of him if she went along. I got a big fat no way back in return. And of course I don’t trust him to take them. Even though I know he’s too cheap to actually fly them back to Oregon (He’s coming to get his son in NC for the next 3-4 months. Flying in Tuesday afternoon. Renting a car & taking his 4 year old son up here to visit & see 12 & 9. For the day Wednesday- I missed if he’s flying back out Wednesday night or Thursday. Either way I don’t like it. Not one bit)So I’m feeling rather annoyed & uncomfortable just now. Which doesn’t help my interest in writing of course because I don’t want to bore people to death with variations on the theme of my ex & what an evil person he truly is.


One thought on “Fried Day

  1. Hey Hun hope all is well with u and the kids! Sorry to hear my pain in the ass cousin is pulling his childish bs again, wish I was there to help! Maybe one of the kitties will trip him on the stairs and he will fall, bump his head and lose his memory, then you can call the cops and say he broke in LOL … just tryin to get ya to smile =)
    Miss u guys! Give the kids my love.
    Love ya!

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