Vote Early

(and often- as they used to say)

I did vote early this morning – When my alarm went of at 6:00 this morning instead of hitting snooze I snapped awake in an uncharacteristic way jumped out of bed got dressed & was out the door before 6:20 (that part’s pretty normal- once I’m actually out of the bed I’m out the door very quickly) I was at the school just a few minutes later (one of the things I love about my place it’s very close to my kid’s elementary school) It didn’t look too bad in the parking lot- there were quite a few cars but I got a nearly front row parking space- so that was good- then I got to the doors- in 2003 the school had added on a large Gymnasium with 2 separate parts- the big Gym & the little Gym. Always in other years voting has been in the little Gym (which is set up so that in a situation which calls for a stage- the little Gym would be backstage- looking out toward the big Gym- if you can picture that) The line in 2006 wound in the door- around the room down the stairs to the big Gym (only 3) and around the wall into the little Gym.

This year voting was in the big Gym & the line was long. Remarkably so for not even 6:30 in the morning! Of course I do live in a farming community and also one which has a more than fair share of elder residents so I suppose it is not as surprising as I make it out to be that there were that many people in line. Even more than 2006 when you consider the line wound around a little less but that they had us split up so that people who’s last names began with letters A-J were in one line & people who’s names began with letters K-Z were in a second line. Then halfway through my stint in line they decided we needed to change sides so everyone in the A-J line (that was my line) had to swap sides of the hall with the people on the K-Z side!

All in all I was really only in line 45 minutes & though the woman behind me was getting impatient I didn’t mind at all (except for her bitching under her breath right in my ear!) I didn’t look at my phone (I don’t wear a watch ever so that would have been the only way to tell what time it was) because I didn’t want to get myself upset about possibly being late for work & as it turned out I wasn’t late for work. I was amused & a little surprised to hear that I was the 167th person to vote in my precinct today at that time. I voted – got my sticker to prove it & was out the door as fast as possible.

Those who know me will realize that my day starts at 8 but I don’t ‘feel right’ unless I’m at work between 7:30 & 7:40 to get my computer ready & everything the way I want it (one of the few ways my family’s genetic OCD curse manifests itself in me) I was not at work ‘on time’ for myself but I was there with time to spare before 8am & so there will be no issues with write ups or even any question about the situation. I was there ’nuff said.

The day was better than the past 2. Although we were still losing chats all day long it wasn’t back to back. Where the past 2 days we were routinely logging in- starting a chat & before we could even find out what the customer’s problem was- losing the chat due to the computer application crashing- which meant another 4-6 minutes waiting while it re-loaded (sometimes only to have it crash again immediately) it was random.  In 8 hours I crashed maybe 4 times as opposed to Sunday where when I got to 30 I stopped counting.

I was chagrined to find that there is no reporting on election results until the polls close – when I was on breaks & looked to see what was going on – there was no information. I couldn’t even get exit poll numbers for some reason until I arrived home at 6:45. When I went to my last break I called ms 18 who had been out of work for about half an hour. She was already home. Her BF had been home with 9 & 12 all day & they went to get 18- then to the school to vote. 18 said she & the BF had voted one & then the other- with 12 & 9 staying outside with the one not voting – in less than 10 minutes time. I guess I didn’t need to worry about it- when I drove by the school around 6:15 tonight it was still all lit up but there were only 7-8 cars outside in the voter parking area- so I guess I could have gone from work to the polls after work & had no trouble voting.

Before I left home I heard some of my co-workers discussing the race- a woman I have always thought highly of made a comment about the color of the next president which made me sick to my stomach- then another guy – also one who I thought was smarter than that chimed in about the same thing. Surprisingly enough one guy who is from my county & who I know is very conservative spoke up to say that color doesn’t matter -opinions do. I was not at all able to think of a thing to say to these people (which is why I’m glad mr conservative spoke up) who were all of a sudden completely racist assholes & who I thought better of until tonight. I never know what to say when people do things like that-I’m usually so bowled over that they could be that way I am tongue tied until much much later.

After work tonight I went to the store to get gas- milk & cash- then picked up 12 & 9 to relieve ms 18 of their ‘burden’ (I know they’re loud & fight a lot- it get’s old to me too) we went to town so I could get a sugar free sobe for tomorrow morning (I’ve gone without them for 3 work days now – mostly because of money- now I can have one – finally ) And we picked up shake & bake for their dinner tomorrow night. Because I bought pork steaks but forgot the shake & bake last week when we were grocery shopping.


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