Another Day Another Frustration

The first 6 hours of my 8 hour day at work went exactly like yesterday- couldn’t get anything finished- the last 2 were much better work-wise at least. I had already made up my mind that I’m not doing any overtime this week- because it makes no sense- I had a day off Saturday- I will just receive regular wage for any overtime I put in this week. Since next week is the second half of the next paycheck I will do an hour every day next week meaning 5 nice fat hours of time & a half on my next paycheck (and it needs to be a good one that one after this coming Friday- it’s going to be a lot of our Christmas shopping right there in that check)

I’m becoming more & more nervous about tomorrow- partly about the facts of the last 2 elections in which- as far as I’m concerned (no one asked- I know) the elections were stolen by big business for their posterboy- what did I hear the other night on Bill Maher the other night? – Who was born on third base & thinks he hit a triple- regardless of what we the people (or sheeple- I know there are less informed voters than there should be) actually wanted. I am still lame enough to think the popular vote should be what matters not the electoral college-it’s an outdated idea who’s time has gone past.

I’m more nervous on a personal level though- I plan to go vote on the way to work- which is fine in many ways- the polls in my town open at 6am. I can’t imagine when I roll in there at 630 they could be crowded with voters out the door- but then it’s possible- I’m not the only commuter driving to work between 630 & 7 in the morning after all & I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to get it out of the way first thing- because for me at least- there’s a concern that if I wait until after work- I’ll arrive back in this area around 530 tomorrow night & that means an hour & a half til the polls close at 7pm. If it is crowded- after working hours are when it’s most likely to be most crowded.

Which is part of why I’m going before work. When I told my boss this she stated flat out to me ‘the company’s policy is to do it on your own time. I told her I’ll take a late to work write up before I’ll risk not getting to vote this year. I sincerely hope it doesn’t come to that- but it’s possible.


3 thoughts on “Another Day Another Frustration

  1. I voted…got there at about 8:55 AM; there were no lines and lots of parking. I walked right in, got my ballot, walked right over to a non-curtained voting booth (hence no pictures) and voted my little heart out. As I submitted it, I looked to see what number my vote was…342 in the A-L section of my precinct. Woohoo!

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