Sunday Stutters

First day back to work after 4 off. The computer application which we use to chat with customers about their issues was a mess all day. I was off line more than I was on. I ended up taking twice what I normally take in chats but only completing a third of them. (that is bad)We’re under a lot of pressure to work overtime on the weekends but I ducked out at 4:30 because even for triple time I could not have endured the frustration of dealing with getting halfway through a customer’s issue & having the computer program seize up & then drop out completely- resulting in a 10-15 minute wait while re-loading the program.

I decided Friday afternoon that I had spent entirely too much time online over my long weekend & so spent most of Saturday off the computer. I did laundry- dishes- house cleaning including a serious cleaning of my living room- I oversaw mr 9 & ms 12 clearing the yard of Halloween decorations (to her credit ms 18 took care of the inside the house decorations today without my asking) We played frisbee & then I made mr 9 really angry for the rest of the day by insisting that he clean his room correctly.

I ended my weekend rested & enjoyed getting to actually watch part of SNL live for once- due to being able to set the clock back when I went to bed I stayed up until Midnight on a work night & then went to bed at eleven Pm!

We’re already discussing Christmas here- I’m thinking since the big tv in the living room died for good a couple of weeks ago & we’re all watching a tv screen in there which is about the size of a computer monitor (17 inches) that we’re going to get a new tv for the holidays- I didn’t want to but I decided to discuss it with the kids (they’re all old enough to know what’s going on rather than Christmas being a mystery to them) and everyone was ok with getting a few less gifts under the tree if it means being able to stop squinting in the living room.

I wasn’t going to do this for awhile- but finances seem to be coming together- not to mention the headaches I’m getting just trying to read the delegate maps on the news- then my work offered a new deal to upgrade people to HD & well- it’s too good to pass up!

Now I have to look for one- you see I priced them at Target & Walmart where they had the largest size I think we can fit on the bench we use for our tv & other entertainment equipment (32 inches) for about $500. Now I who talk about this sort of thing (or more accurately now- type/chat about it) all day for a living- actually have to think about what I want- just like I tell people who want me to recommend brands & types of tvs to them. I have to research them (& look for a really good deal because I’m not spending $500 on a tv- no way- I have budgeted $300 & will go to $350. if I have to)


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