Happy Halloween 2008

So we had a lovely Halloween.

Last night we carved pumpkins- all of which looked apropriately scary

Mr 9 was bouncing off the walls with excitement so we had to install some ‘behavior modification’ hardware!

While we were carving pumpkins we had kitties who thought it smelled awfully interesting on the table ->

The costumes were sketchy this year to say the least.  They were effective enough though- mr9’s headless horseman became the grim reaper again because we weren’t able to work out any way to attach the pumpkin to his head.

Ms 12’s Morticia Addams outfit became a witch because she mis-placed the black wig she purchased last week after she & mr 9’s playing around with the original wig made it so snarly & horrible looking that it wasn’t worth even trying to wear. And Ms 18 was feeling flighty.  —>


3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween 2008

  1. We had a costume calamity as well….the helmet Master L just *had* to have for Halloween became “too heavy” to wear after about three houses – so it was donned and removed at EVERY house thereafter….

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