Pumpkins Are Us

While we won’t actually be carving pumpkins until Wednesday or Thursday night I’m reviewing what I may carve into my pumpkin tonight and boy am I finding some wild stuff. Not that I’m any slouch in the pumpkin carving department. One of my co-workers was talking about how she’s going to sculpt her pumpkin this year & I showed her a few of the pictures here of pumpkins I’ve done in previous years.

After taking the ‘oh- you have a blog?’ (said like I had confessed to having some dread- communicable disease- she’s ever so much cooler than I) comment & moving on she was actually fairly impressed with my past pumpkins- although she liked ms 18’s from last year best. 

There are gross pumpkins- Chinese pumpkinssilly pumpkinsimpressive pumpkinsintricate pumpkins– pumpkins placed in odd locations & carve your own pumpkins – without the mess.  I’m getting better at handling a mouse to make things like this but I wouldn’t be willing to forgo the actual pumpkin- I love the smell when you first open a pumpkin up. I also love pumpkin seeds (yeah- I need that extra salt!)

We’re right down to the wire now on the whole holiday thing- I have to decide tonight if  I want to make chocolate pops for my co-workers tonight to bring in tomorrow or if I’ll wait until Thursday when they’re having the company trick or treat which I’ve agreed to take 9 & 12 to since the whole trick or treat thing is so sparse around here anyway – they feel like we’ve got to do everything we can – especially now that they’re getting so old. (their statement not mine- ms 12 says she thinks this will be the last year she’ll trick or treat)Then I can detour over to my area & leave the pops with my boss who can dole them out as she sees fit.

I don’t know if it’s the economy or let down from last year but I’m not anywhere near as invested in the holiday as I have been in other years. I bought all those decorating books last year & haven’t looked in a single one (except the new one I got at the library last week – I did at least glance through that one- good thing too- they’re due back Thursday- I’m actually worried about completing my book on CD before the 30th. {Duma Key by Stephen King & boy is it good!} I can always renew I suppose)


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