Friday Fill In # 95

1. Right now, I’m feeling tired & happy.
2. right here but warmer is where I want to be.
3. How does one cat become 7 so quickly?
4. My kids & their wants & needs keeps me on track.
5. Please don’t run in the house- is something I say a lot.
6. A good ‘weekend’ enjoying my kids & my home fills me with joy.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to getting finished with the grocery shopping & going home to rest & relax as early as possible, tomorrow my plans include lots of work- I’m under pressure to do overtime- lots & lots of overtime. and Sunday, I want to stay home & enjoy the kids but at work I’ll be- thinking of my 4 days off in a row coming up Wednesday through next Saturday!!!


4 thoughts on “Friday Fill In # 95

  1. Ok… four day weekend… thoughts here.
    We need to try to get together at some point, if we can arrange it around all my new schedules!!!! Maybe I’ll have Saturday off and can come after work Friday night (10 pm). Knowing CB though, prob will be on Sat morn.

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