Rat In a Cage

Last night ms 12 was starting up the dvr recording of Bee Movie which I hadn’t seen yet- for almost 15 minutes I got sucked into it & was completely absorbed- I was amused by the whole concept of the hive as a big conglomerate business & the main character’s horror in the idea that he’d do the same thing every day for the rest of his life.

I understand his horror. I shared it for many years at work- the idea that something else might come along at the same job which didn’t mean a salaried position (companies who mandate overtime like to promote people to salary – that way they don’t have to pay you extra) something that also didn’t require a change to night shift- one guy I worked with for a couple of years is a supervisor – he has been for 4 years now & he’s still on nights- although it’s possible that he likes being on nights- I wouldn’t know. Now that he’s a supervisor he’s too good for we mortal hourly wage earners.

I really do like the new job. The work I do is much more fast paced- challenging & interesting than talking on the phone. Even if tying a blog entry after work is somewhat painful on my hands because of all the typing I did at work before it. So maybe my posts are shorter & less frequent. I haven’t had a sore throat since February when I started typing instead of talking.

It is still deadening to drive into work every morning with thousands of others all headed in the same general direction- hundreds getting off the highway at the same exit ramp & dozens of us dragging ourselves into the building. Jockeying for the close to the door parking spaces- trying to avoid not-awake-yet eye contact with people we sit near as we shuffle into the great gray box. Waiting for others to stow their lunches in the fridge before we can stow our own.

Sorry- for most of the day on Tuesdays I’m very much alone- most of my co-workers & my boss coincedentally have Tuesdays off. I don’t & if it wasn’t for a co-worker who comes in at 330 normally but always does tons of overtime & so was there at noon today I’d probably be asleep on my desk still.

In other news 12 loaned her Mp3 player to a friend & hasn’t got it back yet- she’s quite upset about it & is weeping into the dishes. Both of my younger kids were a little horrified when I got home tonight & started transcribing & then printing out a chore list for each of them. I’ve been working on it for awhile but right after I got home 18 & 12 got into a big argument about who’s job it was to do the dishes & I got fed up.

Of course nothing ever goes as planned- the printer wanted to print in 3 inch letters when I was using size 12 type. (still not sure what happened there) but at least it’s out of my all important notebook & onto the computer even if I do have to sacrifice some small animal to the printer god to make it work right- I’m getting there!


One thought on “Rat In a Cage

  1. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for stopping by my spot! I am anxious to read more of your blog!

    I’ll stop by again soon…little one is pulling at my leg! P.S….I have one of those slide phones and put it in the sand too! 🙂

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